Monday, June 19, 2006

How About This One?

On the broadcast last night, there was a recorded interview with Smoltz saying that he would not veto all trades.

The question is, where would he go?

He'd look good in a Boston uniform, but would the Sox have a chance? He's from Detroit, and like Bettis, maybe he'd like to go there...

One thing is for sure. The Sox have to make a move, and getting this guy from KC (off waivers! not good enough for the Royals...) is probably not the answer, what with his many arm surgeries so far...Are the Sox back to the reconstruction guys? I certainly hope not.

Plus, there now seems to be some speculation as to whether or not Clement will return at all this year...

With the Braves at 30-40 and way out of first place, and looking terrible, one has to think that they might trade some guys...Smoltz, despite what he says, probably will not be traded. Their pitching looks to be lined up for next year if he stays. But what about Andru Jones, freeing up Nixon for another possible trade for a reliever or something?


  1. Hey, I was a week ahead.

    Maybe ESPN is reading our blog. I'm sure the Braves will try to trade him - to see what is out there. But my guess is they will look for top, top talent. At least Lester is in the rotation now, so they can't ask for him.

    DET is the no brainer, but he probably would go to almost any contender since he knows it would only be for two-three months and then he can sign whereever he wants. Including back in ATL.

  2. Hey, don't knock Kansas City castoffs! Curt Leskanic was awesome!!!

    (Seriously, possibly the most underrated performance in that whole postseason. I mean, he got the win in Game 4.)

  3. Seriously. Damon, Beltran, Leskanic...that's a good team there...

    Too bad KC can't hold on to any of these guys...Perhaps they should force a sale in KC to someone who gives a crap.

    I was reading in the Globe about the reasoning for Snyder getting the start tonight. In a nutshell...The Nats hit lefties hard and are bad against righties. The only right-hander available to the Sox to start tonight is Ginter (who pitched last night (could have been changed, if necessary) and he has no options (meaning he comes up and can't go back to Pawtucket). And David Pauley has been moved around too much to bring him back up to pitch. So, tonight it is Snyder...

    So, is starting Snyder (who will probably head to Pawtucket after the game) over Alvarez despite the Nats ability to hit left-handers worth it?

    Seems like a lot to do for just one start. And, if the Sox don't have a right-hander in AA or AAA that can spot start, then they need to go out and trade for one because I find that sort of alarming that they have NO right-hander???

    Anyway, get Smoltz...That is all.

  4. "So, is starting Snyder (who will probably head to Pawtucket after the game) over Alvarez despite the Nats ability to hit left-handers worth it?"

    Actually the answer to that one is could be. If Alvarez gets knocked around it could a) negatively impact his psych and b) decrease his trade value.