Thursday, June 22, 2006

Important things, in no particular order

  • Thank god for the NL East, huh? I guess now we know why the Mets are doing so well.
  • Speaking of which, it seems the last 5+ years of imbalance in the schedule from the "Natural Rivals" ridiculousness (Yanks play the Mutts, Sox play the Braves), has finally turned itself on its head. We talked about this a year ago, so I figure it's time we recognize we no longer get the short end of the stick.
  • There's now one more reason to hate Ozzie Guillen. Awesome.
  • Speaking of homophobes, on Tuesday Julian Tavarez sadly broke his impressive 5-game streak of giving up at least one run per appearance (over which time he had a 13.5 ERA), pitching one inning of one-hit, no-run ball. Luckily, on Wednesday he got started on a new streak, giving up a run in the ninth.
  • Happy birthday Willie Harris!
  • So far in June (18 games) Ichiro Suzuki is batting .463, with a .494 OBP and .638 SLG. Insane.
  • I've had the "One Day at a Time" theme song stuck in my head for 2 days. Thanks GR.


  1. Speaking of theme songs...

    Did you know...

    That Alan Thicke (Dr Seaver from tv's "Growing Pains") wrote the themes for "The Facts of Life" and Diff'rent Strokes"? In fact, Mr Thicke (hehe) can be heard singing lead in the latter.

  2. I had actually been thinking of the "imbalance" a bit. I imagine Yankee fans will be bitching about it later this month when the Mets sweep them. But yeah, nice to have it finally turned around a bit.

    The Guillen story is amazing. Selig has to do something. If David Stern can fine Cuban over $10 million for popping off about refs... A suspension would be nice, but I expect more of a token fine. What I love about Guillen is that he says "in his country it is ok..." That is all fine, but he was signed by the Padres when he was 16 and made his major league debut when he was 21, so lets assume he spent two years at a camp and then hit the minors when he was 18. Well that was 24 years ago, so he has spent his entire adult life and way more than half of his entire life in THIS country.

  3. Ah, the "Facts of Life" theme song:

    You take the good, You take the bad,
    You take them both, And there you have:
    The Facts of Life.

    ("You take the good, You take the bad" - reminds me of the time we traded for Rolando Arrojo and were forced to take Mike Lansing as well.)

  4. ...of course, Rolando Arrojo sort of sucked. And Mike Lansing became my all-time (now second-) favorite Red Sock.

  5. Speaking of the 2000-2001 Red Sox, this is a bit wild. Add one more to the list...