Tuesday, June 20, 2006

One Day At A Time

Snyder, TV's funniest "super", best known for his wise cracks to Ann Romano and her two daughters, pitched a pretty good game for the Red Sox last night. Despite the two bombs he gave up, there were 6 Ks against 0 BBs. His fast ball is flat, but his other pitches (including the 12-6 curve) have a lot of movement. Plus, one can't miss the fact that he looks like Bronson Arroyo (and was he wearing Arroyo's number?).

Anyway, does he deserve another start? It would come against Philly this weekend. I'd say, "Why not?".

To make room for the 70's sitcom star, the Sox DFA'd JT Snow (distant cousin of Chrissy Snow). So, who is the backup first baseman for the Sox now? I am guessing that Choi gets the call from Pawtucket, but then who gets sent down? Jack and Janet were unavailable for comment...Theo said that there was a deal in the works for Snow...Who needs a non-hitting, but great glove first baseman? I am trying to figure this out. Probably for a reliever...

Hansen is back on the roster and Van Buren was sent down.

Seanez is making himself a little worth while, at least to NL teams. He's actually (aside from the 3-run blast the other night) looked good against the NL. Trade him...to the NL.

Thank the heavens that tonight's game is in Fenway. Mirabelli will be catching Wakefield. If this were in Washington, the Sox would have Mirabelli and the pitcher in the order against Livan. "And he shall be a good man, he shall be Livan"...(had to sneak in that last 70s reference...


  1. No no no. We, with days off at opportune times, have no need for a 5th starter until the end of the month. Go with the Faithful Four (no way can I call them or anyone the Fab Four. There was only one of them)....Wakes, Lester, Beckett and Schill.

  2. Yeah, I know about those days off, but this kid was supposed to be the KC ACE until injuries set in...Even Epstein seemed juiced about him if you look at comments he made...So maybe not this weekend, but then against the Marlins? Tampa Bay?

    Hell, the Yankees caught lightning in a bottle last year with Small and Chacon. Who is to say that Snyder (working with Nipper and Tek) couldn't be a decent #5 or the long guy in the pen?

    One start doesn't make or break someone, but he definitely deserves another shot.

  3. And just to add to the "One Day At A Time" theme...take a look at the standings from one year ago today...

  4. speaking of sitcoms, the nats cathcer is named Schneider and i think he was the superintendent on one of those 70s sitcoms.

    Another good name on the nats is Saul Rivera.

  5. http://www.museum.tv/archives/etv/O/htmlO/onedayata/onedayata.htm

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