Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mets-Sox, Game 2

I think I'll actually play hooky for this one. Some fantastic tributes to Pedro's Boston days at 12eight and Joy of Sox. And it's wonderful to see that booing him is basically off the table. I do think it's worth remembering that - off the field - he could sort of be a pain in the butt; I consider myself to be pretty patient with players, but his moodiness and petulance could be pretty trying at times. Plus there's a good article by Seth Mnookin about revisionism regarding his signing with the Mets (on a related note, it sure is funny to see the Boston sports papers taking Pedro's side for a change). But these aspects of his personality, and the realities of baseball today, don't diminish anything about tonight's game. It'll be wonderful (though a bit sad) to see him take the mound in Fenway, to a standing ovation. And very odd to root for people to score a boatload of runs off him.


  1. Not to rain on any one's parade but the weather is crap in Boston and thunderstorms are in the forecast for this evening.

    I give this game a low probablity of happening tonight.

  2. well i hope the game happens. I have the tivo all set up and then tomorrow i am off to Italy, so no live baseball for a while. at least on TV.

    That mnookin thing made no sense to me. sure it is interesting to see how different things are now, but then again even Pedro is different. Remember he was taking shots at theo at his press conference in NY.

    I think it is good that the Mets did not play in boston last year - the one year break and the concillatory tone by Pedro have helped.

  3. I just read the papers and the Pedro Love Fest is interesting.

    One thought that keeps sticking in my head is what if Pedro puts one in Coco's (or someone's) ribs? That is about the only way it could go sour at this point. Or if the Sox really pound him and then he drills someone.

    Hopefully something like that won't happen.

  4. Who does A-Rod think he is? David Ortiz?

  5. Wow, even a non-clutch clock is clutch twice a day.

    I like the first 1 1/2 innings so far.

  6. After watching Lastings Milledge in RF the last two nights, now I know why the Sox really wanted him in any deal with the Mets for Manny.

  7. Kind of sad to see such a poor outing from Pedro. Guess letting him go was quite reasonable after all.

    I have to say, though, Pedro is the one player who I'm inclined to believe wanted to stay in Boston but left because he felt disrespected by the FO - not as a code word for 'they didn't give me enough money', but actually felt insulted by the offers made to him. Which is not to say I always approves of his various diva acts, but I think his affection for Sox fans and regret at not ending his career here is genuine.

  8. It is a romantic notion, that players want to stay somewhere.... but in the end it really boils down to the $$$. Glen Ordway may be the biggest ass in boston, but he is pretty accurate when he screams "Its ALWAYS about the money."

    I actually think Damon probably wanted to stay in Boston more than Pedro. Petey had a real chip on his shoulder about Schilling and, IMHO, did not want to take a back seat or even co-ace seat.

    I agreed with the FO not signing him for four years and still think it may be the right move in the long run, but not because of one bad start in a very emotional setting in late June.