Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Not going to be too popular in the clubhouse...

Feds raided Jason Grimsley's home looking for evidence that he distributed HGH. Grimsley (or "Grimey", as he likes to be called) then cooperated with authorities, for a while. There's now a huge affidavit (available here), where it's clear he started talking. Among other things, he named names of other MLB players he thought were using (the names have been redacted, though word size may offer clues), so this investigation is just beginning - it could get real ugly.

(It's worth mentioning that this disclosure comes just days after a pretty good article (with a great title) by Jeff Pearlman, about the naivete associated with the "Post-Steroid Era". A lot of people got super-defensive about it, as they felt it implied that Pujols was a user. But if you actually read the article, you find it does no such thing - it's about the sportswriters.)


  1. I guess Theo-lite Josh Byrnes saw it that was as well. Grimsley was released today by the D-backs.

  2. Though apparently Grimey requested it. I think he realized just what a mess he made. And he didn't even get immunity - he just started blabbing!

  3. Yikes...Dennis and Callahan this morning rather heavily implied that Grimsley's "Best Friend" was Chuck Knoblauch. The name in the document that Earl posted certainly is long...

    They also (and not that I give them all that much credence) implied that Seanez was a close friend. He's a guy that has been in the minors more than the majors and, for his entire career, has fought to get back to the MLB.

    Interesting stuff. I am, however, annoyed that baseball again is taking the brunt of all of this. I once again would like to point out the size of the NFL players and their athleticism. Many retired NFL players have admitted to drug use (especially speed just before the games) and Alzado died from 'roids...