Wednesday, June 14, 2006


So that's why Francona doesn't like to bring in the young guys when the game's on the line...

(Seriously, that game sucked also. But the timing couldn't have been more ridiculously perfect to give RSN this little wake-up call: the bullpen sucks. Neither the old guys (with one exception) nor the young guys (with one exception) are getting the job done. Of course, the fact that Rudy Seanez has the fourth best ERA in the bullpen (!!!!) should've tipped people off to that already. But we can rest assured that the FO knows all this, and has for a while now.)

Update: David Riske just got traded, for "the other" Javy Lopez. Meaning Rudy Seanez's ERA is now 3rd best in the Sox bullpen! Allriiight!!!!


  1. You were correct, and I was mistaken. I bow. And the 'pen's numbers NOT including Paps are alarming, to say the least. The subject of my post today. It wasn't easy to write. I find that when the subjects are happy ones, the words flow much more easily.

  2. More on this over the weekend, but this team is shaping up remarkably similar to last year's team.

    As you note, Earl, the FO surely knows this and will take some steps. But that team 200 miles south will be trying to make improvements as well. And with DET again last night showing that they won't go easily (granted it was against TB), the WC from the East may not be an option.

  3. But the good news is that the NL East is becoming a joke...That might free up some arms. (Do you think Hudson might be available?)

    Aside from that...I hate to say it, and I might regret it, but this Sox team is not that good.

    The Pen is terrible. The starting pitching is pretty terrible. The lineup shows hints of being good, but is just too inconsistent. They have no bench. Without a legitimate bat to back up Ramirez and/or Ortiz, teams have figured out how to get around these guys.

    They need a bat (power), at least one more starter, and two arms for the pen.

    That's a lot to ask...

    With that said, one can look at the Tigers as an example of a team bringing up young pitchers who lose 18-20 games, but learn in the bigs and turn into studs...Obviously the FO here thinks this team has a shot, but it might be time to let some of the young guys get knocked around for experience sake (and maybe they will excel, who knows?) instead of marching Tavarez and Seanez out there...

    Then again, the FO isn't going to let all that money rot away in the pen...

  4. There is no way Hudson gets traded. ATL has him locked up through 2009 and maybe 2010. If anyone from ATL is available it would be Smotlz and he can veto any deal.

    The tough part about Boston is that you can't take the time to develop the yound arms the way DET did - the fan base (and more importantly the media) won't accept it. I can just see the article by CHB when he skewers the Sox (disclaimer: Big daddy Globe owns 17 % blah blah blah) for charging the highest price in the majors but expecting the fans to accept a rebuilding.

    But is truly remarkable what has happened in DET. They have absolutely caught lightening in a bottle. Their one FA signing (Rogers) has worked out perfectly, a couple of young starters (Robertston and Maroth, pre injury) have shown the fruits of their development, and two of their phenoms (Verlander and Zumaya) have not needed the devlopment that was requird by Bonderman, et al. And all of this has happened with a closer who sucks, another one who retired and a third sitting in prison in Venezuela.

  5. I got pretty excited when I heard the Sox traded for Javy Lopez. Turns out it was the wrong Javy Lopez

  6. And all of this has happened with a closer who sucks, another one who retired and a third sitting in prison in Venezuela.

    That's awesome. Man, if that's not proof that closers are overrated, I don't know what is.

    Interestingly, DET is 7-8 against the AL East. That's the last series the Sox won, right?

  7. I don't know that I'd take this one game as proof that the young guys suck. Van Buren got ripped, but Delcarmen didn't pitch horribly; he gave up a homer, yeah, but all the guys on base were put there by JVB. But both of them have given the Sox more quality innings than Seavarez to this point.

  8. I don't think anyone was saying that they suck. Well, actually Earl said our bullpen sucks, which is kind of true.

    It appeared as an indictment of the young guys only because it was a follow from yesterday's wonderings on "why not use the young guys (specifically Delcarmen) in higher leverage spots and the warning on that was young guys take time to be truly reliable.

  9. Yeah, I'm just saying it's too early to consider them reliable. On an intellectual level I am completely willing to see more games like that if it's going to help all this promising talent develop. But it'll test my patience. And I think much of RSN is way less patient than I am.