Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mets-Sox, Game 1

I know I should be watching the game (well, technically, I should be "working"...whatever); but I just can't because this piece of internet awesomeness is consuming all my bandwidth. And all my attention. And all my plans for the near - and distant - future.


  1. Wow. Hopefully that is not what happens when someone's brain overloads on baseball. Kidding aside - get will Peter. There is a 15 year old kid pitching somewhere in Mississippi who needs you to annoint him the next Goose Gossage. Aneurysms are pretty serious stuff.

    On the baseball front, some pretty impressive pitching performances tonight. Clemens, Burnett, Liriano, Sabathia, Horacio, Lester showed some guts

  2. I had a funny youtube post to go along with Earl's, but after reading about Gammons it just doesn't feel right. Get well Peter!