Friday, July 28, 2006

And Speaking of Trades...

The Newark Star-Ledger is reporting that the Sox are working on getting Carlos Lee from Milwaukee. Not sure what they would have to give up for him, but I'd probably do a trade that includes Hansen (I am sure that the Brewers would be asking for Hansen or Lester, as every other team has) long as you sign Lee to an extension (as he is a free-agent at the end of the year).

Another thing this does is makes someone like a David Murphy a huge trading chip, and you are now free to move Nixon without RSN going insane. Does it also make Wily Mo a trading chip with the Nationals?

By the way, I don't want Abreu on the Sox. I wouldn't care if the Yankees got him in a trade. He's not worth the money.

Why are the Sox so hot on the trail of Lugo? Is it because they will have to (now) probably pay a lot of money to Gonzalez to resign him? Are they thinking they pick up some bat and lose some fielding for less $$$ with Lugo?

Lieber or Lidle? The Sox and Yankees were both scouting in Philly. Lidle had a great outing last night, but I think I'd want Lieber. He's proven himself in the AL East. Not sure I'd give up too much for him.

With all this trade talk heating up, and the Sox not having struck a deal for pitching already, I have to think they have great faith in Wells coming back and being as effective as he's always been. Maybe that's why there is more talk about adding another bat.

Just a little trivia...The Sox are better in almost every offensive category when compared to last year's team. Incredible...

Foulke set to return. I would take him over Seanez or Tavarez. I also can't see them sending down Hansen or Delcarmen. Could this mean that Rudy or Julian get shipped to Colorado (who seem to love them for some reason)?


  1. Hansen and Lester do NOT go anywhere. Those would be moves of desperation. And Foulkie has had to change his whole pitching mechanics...who knows what that will do to his control, an essential, if not THE essential, part of his pitching success. But trade Hansen?....I really hope not. Lester? Maybe if this was The Twilight Zone..........I hope I'm right. I know I'm right...............Lions and tigers and bears. There's no place like Fenway Park.

  2. My head just exploded.

  3. Yes, Hansen has the talent to become great, but getting Carlos Lee is FAR FAR FAR from a desperation move, especially if you can sign him to an extension. He makes this lineup more dangerous, and provides protection for Ramirez. This team NEEDS a five hitter with pop, and Lee gives them that.

    As far as another arm in the pen, Foulke replaces Tavarez or Seanez. He can't be any worse really. But getting Lee gives you options that you didn't previously has. It puts you in a position of power in dealing for other needs...You get a proven major league commodity, freeing up some outfielders in the minors as chips. Giving up Nixon or Wily Mo and a prospect could probably get you some good arms that could cover the loss of a Hansen.

    AND, Peter...let me just add that to get anyone of value, the Sox are going to have to part with some pitching...Other teams know that is the strength of the Sox organization right now. What else do you have to trade? Do you really want to go the rest of the way with this team? I (who happens to be a big Bruins fan, as well) sees this version of the Sox like the Bruins of recent years. Possibly good enough to get to the playoffs, and then out early.

    They need another bat with power AND another starter if they are thinking championship. They are getting neither without giving up some pitching. If they are thinking about the future (which is a possibility), then they won't trade anyone, and they will more than likely not go very far...

  4. I agree, getting Lee for a couple years would be nice, but it's not going to happen - he's going to the Rangers.

    He's a free agent next year...

  5. Wow...with Texas two games out that's a big pickup. However, they should have gotten another starter...and maybe they will. Apparently, they were scouting Lieber and Lidle, too.