Thursday, July 27, 2006

RSN West

I was at the Dodgers-Padres game two nights ago. No Nomar, Mueller, or Lowe (Grady Little made an appearance though). But in the 7th-8th innings, the Pods trot out one former (and recent) Red Sock after another. It was sort of weird. From the play-by-play:

M. Bellhorn struck out swinging
J. Barfield singled to left
D. Roberts hit for A. Embree
J. Barfield stole second.
D. Roberts walked
J. Bard hit for E. Young
J. Bard grounded into fielder's choice, J. Barfield to third, D. Roberts out at second
M. Cameron flied out to deep right center.

C. Meredith relieved A. Embree
D. Roberts in left field

That's five 2004-2006 Red Sox in basically one inning. Cla Meredith (whom I hadn't noticed was part of the Bard-Mirabelli "deal") and Alan Embree were each perfect in the inning they pitched. Which says tons about the Dodgers, I think.


  1. We are very grateful in San Diego for your team's gift of Bard and Meredith. Much appreciated.

  2. Gald you are enjoying our castoffs. The level of competition in the PCL (nee NL west) is not quite what it is the AL East, although I guess that really hasn't helped Bellhorn.

    Whatever you guys do, make sure you beat SF.

  3. I hate anonymous posts. Especially, when they are antagonizing. It must have been Carl. Or maybe it's Shea.

  4. When all is said and done, the Sox got Loretta for Bard and Meredith. That's an established All-Star for a guy, who at the time was hitting .180 and change, and an AA pitcher.

    It is great that San Diego is doing well, and great for Meredith and Bard, as well. Wakefield spoke highly of Bard, and it looks like he was right.

    Overall, the deal worked for the Sox. They are in first. They have the best infield in the AL. They have a solid number 2 hitter.

  5. Actually to figure out who the sox traded for whom, I would say the Sox got Loretta for Shoppach (what they gave up for Bard), two wins (about what Bard cost the Sox when he was in Boston), and Meredith.

  6. I generally don't like breaking down trades in terms of individuals within larger trades. There were 6 trades (6 teams):

    Nov 24: Beckett and Mota and Lowell for Sanchez, Delgado, Garcia, Ramirez
    Dec 7: Loretta for Mirabelli
    Dec 8: Marte for Renteria
    Jan 27: Crisp and Riske and Bard for Mota and Marte and Shoppach
    May 1: Mirabelli for Bard and Meredith
    June 15: Lopez for Riske

    That comes out to Beckett and Lowell and Loretta and Crisp and Lopez for Sanchez and Delgado and Garcia and Ramirez and Shoppach and Meredith and Renteria and a lot of cash.

    (Damn, it's nice to have a good farm system.)