Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Manny being...?

In the comments of the last post, X pointed out some recent work by Bruce Allen (at Boston Sports Media Watch), on Manny's ridiculous treatment by the local (and national) media. It's some excellent, spot-on writing, so I just wanted to highlight it here. Check it out: Manny Ramirez-Reality vs. Perception.

(Also, some Glob sources have corroborated Will Carroll's report that Manny's knee injury is very real.)


  1. This is a copy of my response since we have a new thread I thought it should be here...

    X, that Manny piece couldn't have been more on the money.

    I was listening to people rip Manny for not playing in the All-Star game.

    What about Reyes? He needed SEVEN stitches in a cut on his pinkie? Is that even possible?

    Anyway, it is strange to me that if Damon (last year) played hurt for 19-innings and then declined the All-Star game for the TEAM that he would have been a hero.

    What about Pedro in '03? Here's a quote from Tony Masseroti, "Pedro Martinez has elected to respectfully decline the invitation from the manager of the New York Yankees. The inimitable Red Sox ace is growing wiser with each passing day, it seems, and he clearly has much bigger things on his mind." He wasn't even hurt, he just wanted to be fresh for the rest of the year...Ridiculous. Here's another headline about that "Pedro's priority: Fall-Star
    Michael Gee, Boston Herald"...

    And another..."Ace declines his All-Star invite
    Bob Ryan, Boston Globe

    Isn't it great when your best player is also your smartest player?"


  2. Wow. What would be especially nice is if Buckley himself had defended Pedro from bowing out of the game. I can't seem to find anything though.

  3. I guess a lot of people would be happier if Manny blew the knee out and missed the rest of the season and finished four games behind New York.

    Hey wait, that would be like 1950 when ted williams broke his elbow in the ASG.

    Manny could be like Ted - everyone would hate him while he plays (okay, not everyone....), but then 40 years from now they will name a highway after him.

    I think the most spot on point is that Manny is a lightening rod because he won't talk to the media. A-Rod gives tons of quotes to writers and while there is much negative crap thrown his way on blogs and on talk radio in NY (and he is booed all the time in the toilet), the writers generally talk nonstop about A-Rod's gaudy numbers and how he won't be kept down for long. Just check out the last weekends samplings in Ny papers - the theme of "don't count A-Rod out of the MVP race just yet" was all over the place. And the only reason for the continued A-Rdo love is that he is ALWAYS available for the soundbite.

  4. Maybe we should rename the Ted Williams Tunnel the Manny Tunnel. That way, when it starts collapsing we can just say, "Manny being Manny?!"

    Ok... That's a horrible joke given the recent tragedy.

  5. Another thing I find interesting is that there is a current trend to bash MLB for having the ASG decide home field advantage. Of course I agree that this is a completely contrived reaction to the 2002 fiasco, but the current most talked about solution (that I have heard) is team with the best record gets home field. And sure that makes some sense, but what if the sox win 99 games and the mets win 100? The mets would get home field by beating up on the NL East for 80 games. And the sox went 11-1 against those teams. Nothing is perfect. But for everyone to act like there is some slam dunk answer out there is kind of silly.

  6. How about home field for the league with the best interleague record? (I think GR suggested this back in '03.)

  7. That could be a decent barometer and has received some talk in the media, but even that has some flaws. What if a team in the NL goes 110-52 and the best team in the AL is 94-68. Sure it is against teams that are a lot suckier than the AL. Like I said, nothing is perfect.

  8. Like the Super Bowl they could play all 7 games in a "host" city. Play every other game by each league's rules. Game 1 AL, Game 2 NL, and so on...No home field advantage. Let's face it, teams like the Sox kill at home, and it is unfair to have 3 or 4 games in Fenway against NL teams...(This applies to other teams, as well, I am just making an obvious example)...

    So, how do you decide on Game 7 rules? Coin toss...just like football.

    By taking away home field, you add the manager's role in even more. You have to know how to "manage" to win the WS.

    I think this also leads to the truly best team winning more times than not. Because in a short series (with strong home advantage), the playing field is not level.

    Just some thoughts.

  9. Let's face it, teams like the Sox kill at home, and it is unfair to have 3 or 4 games in Fenway against NL teams...

    I wouldn't say "unfair". Building a team that's well-suited to your home park is an important part of GMing today (well, for some GM's), and the idea of different parks is so important to baseball. I'm fine with the two best-built teams playing at least some of their WS games in the parks they were built for.

  10. ".....with simply a glance at his career numbers we may be looking back at these media people and wondering how in the world they could’ve been so foolish, blind and agenda-ridden so as to have attempted to mar the reputation of a Hall of Fame player such as Manny Ramirez."
    SO TRUE...a great article. Thank you!

  11. You're right, Earl...Unfair is not the right word...But it sure makes it easier for teams with a huge home field advantage. Throw in the fact the NL has to play someone who is basically a bench guy as their DH in the AL park, compared to say Big Papi, and the advantage grows.

    I am just trying to offset some of this stuff...

    Also, how about during the All-Star game NOT having the pitchers hit...It allows another slugger to make the roster and go on display for the fans...

  12. Also, how about during the All-Star game NOT having the pitchers hit...

    I couldn't agree more. Travis Hafner should've been there, and that rule would've let him.

    The solution to both your points: standardize the DH rule. Both leagues, or neither.