Monday, July 31, 2006


Well, you'd have to think that if Nixon takes that swing a day earlier that the Sox would now be boasting Abreu in RF...

Lots of rumblings around town about the possible acquisition of Jason Schmidt. That'd be a nice pickup depending on who you'd have to give up. It sure would be nice if the Sox could give up 3 minor leaguers (none of their top prospects included) kind of like the Yankees were able to do...Not for nothing, but it is deals like this that Cashman makes that has to make one wonder why the Sox couldn't do something like that for Lidle and Abreu.

Anyway, we got a Corey of our own...Bryan Corey from Texas.

Believe me, Lidle is not scary. The Sox will take their chances...And, I have to agree with X...The Yankees are still marching out RJ, Mussina, Wang, Wright, and Lidle. However, right now that is better than Schilling, Beckett, Lester, Wells (if he is healthy enough to pitch), and Snyder (until Wake might get back).

So, I think that today, no matter what, (and NOT in a panic mode, just being realistic), the Sox must deal for a 1, 2, or 3 guy in the rotation IF they want to compete down the stretch. If they are looking to next year, then do nothing. But they have a lot of questions about next year, too...So why not make a move for a Schmidt and then try to sign him to an extension?

And what about a bat? Well, Trot made RF available. Who is out there? Could last night have been Trot's last start in RF for the Sox? With Soriano being on the market, one has to hope that Theo realizes he can't play RF in Fenway. But Wily Mo is not the answer AND we know that the Nationals covet Wily Mo. This has to be a consideration today for the Sox.

Also, I know in the papers today it said Loretta didn't sit because he was being traded, but just being rested...Timing just seems a bit strange...

All this trading Mike Lowell talk is disconcerting if they aren't getting a top starter in return OR a big bat. One reliever ain't worth it...

And one last thought in the long post...I know the front office apparently looked at this year as a write-off year, and another year to bring the youngsters along. Well, you are 60 games from the end of the season and in first place. Do you now have a responsibility to make a run for it? What will be the fallout, now, if you don't make a deal and fall out of contention?


  1. Sean Casey to the Tigers...
    Belliard to the Cards...

    Less than 6 hours to go...

  2. I agree with most of your post. WMP is not suited to play defense in Fenway right. He can play you want to move Coco to right? I really don't care where he plays as long as he helps the club. Because WM playing Dewey's right is a disaster that will happen sooner rather than later. I guarantee it! And breaking up the best infield in baseball just says it all...lunacy!!

  3. Comments....please! And thanks for reading my blog. I try to make sense, and right now this 4PM deadline day could go horribly wrong or blissfully right!!

  4. Uh hoh hoh, Rheal Cormier dealt to the Reds...

    This team will not make the post-season with Coco Crisp AND Wily Mo in the OF. Let's throw Kapler in to that mix, as well.

    UNLESS, they get Oswalt (apparently available), Clemens, or another top-line starter AND a bullpen arm...

  5. On the subject of WMP, anyone else notice that Bronson had not won a game in 6 weeks and in July has an ERA of 5.45. This brings his ERA for the season up to 3.2 in the weaker NL.

    By seasons end, he very well may be 14-10 with an ERA of 4.2, which is exactly the pitcher that Theo thought he was giving up.

  6. I was going to make a Bronson post the other day, but then thought better of it as WMP hasn't played much.

    However, WMP might get dealt.

    My latest thoughts? Lowell goes to the Padres in the discussed three-team deal. Sox get Lugo and Linebrink. Lugo plays second base. Loretta and Seanez or Tavarez get dealt to Colorado for Shealy.

    Sox make a run at Lidge (if Clemens isn't available) and move Papelbon into the rotation.

  7. Of course, what I really see is Theo holding a press conference saying, "We've made it clear from the very beginning that we are not going to mortgage our future for one player. We weigh the long-term and short-term into every decision, and other GMs just wanted too much. We like our chances with the guys we have." You know...that speech.

  8. 51 minutes, and the Sox are wanting Andru Jones, willing to trade Coco and Hansen. The Braves want Lester. No way no how...right Theo? There is only 1 answer. That would be "right."

  9. I didn't think it was possible, but my head exploded... again.

  10. Funny, me too about Bronson.

    Great minds...