Thursday, July 20, 2006


The Blue Jays designated Shea Hillenbrand for assignment? I'm sure they will work out a trade in the next 10 days (or maybe they already have and needed a roster space). I'm sure he will take shots at everyone on the way out. Like when he called Theo a fag. Earlier this year, he did show signs of maturity and reconciliation toward Boston, expressing regret for the fag comment and saying how much he missed Boston. But this tirade that got him cut along with his spat with Beckett, show he really has not grown up that much. So the Sox would be wise to not make a move to try to get him as a backup. The Yanks may have interest, but if the guy was pissed over not being in the lineup one day, he probably won't want to be a role player.

Speaking of the Yankees, is it just me or does the current state of Yankee propoganda remind anyone of this past offseason. All we keep hearing is that the team is playing well, they are winning, Melky is doing great, Matsui is progressing. And they are starting to say things like they don't feel the need to make the move for Abreu. All of this reminds me of this offseason when they kept talking about Crosby being the man in CF. Right up to the day they signed Damon. So let's all prepare ourselves for the Abreu to MFY trade happening early next week. If I was Pat Gillick, I would make the Yanks take Abreu and Burrell to clear all that salary.


  1. Ever the tactful linguist, Shea Hillenbrand speaking to reporters:

    "Not one person from the front office has even come up to congratulate me," he said. "It's all the little people like you guys. But nobody from higher up. That's a disgrace."

    I'm sure they enjoyed being called little people.

  2. Yahoo reported that Shea was taking a couple of days to adopt his second child with his wife. I assume they are adopting from overseas. The advice was to keep Shea on the bench, but that he'll be back in a couple of days. Are there conflicting reports?

  3. Ok, I am an idiot. Yahoo was reporting old news. This just in...

  4. Speaking of the Phillies clearing salary, is Tom Gordon ($4.5M) available?...

  5. Gordon is an interesting one. Because he is fairly cheap and is signed for two more years, they may be inclined to NOT move him. Is it back end loaded? I don't have the year by year breakdown, but if he got $4.5 this year, then he is owed $13MM for 07 and 08, which is not such a bargain for a set up man or maybe even a closer.

    But said that the Sox and Dodgers were trying to get Gordon. Maybe the Sox think that he could be the closer and they slide papelbon into the rotation. And if that does not work, they can always move him back.

  6. Olney quote:

    "I believe, but can't prove, that 75 to 80 percent of the major awards won since 1988 have been won with the help of performance-enhancing drugs."

    This could be a fun post - with a list and yeahs and nays.

  7. Huh. Yeah, that would be a fun - but very long - list. Obviously he's including Cy Youngs and MVP's - what about ROY? (Manager of the Year? J.G. Taylor Spink Award?)

    The full list is here. Roger Clemens Award - yikes.

  8. I'm guessing that he means just MVP and Cy young. So its 72 man/seasons. But with multiple winners (Bonds, Juan Gone, Clemens), getting to the 75% of the major award seasons, maybe you only need half of the players.

    I wonder if he counts all 7 of Bonds MVP while GOS says he started using after 98?

    As a starter to the exercise, I have to go all the way back to 1995 to get to an NL MVP Award winner (Barry Larkin) that I would not have at least a sliver of doubt about.

  9. You should totally make a post about this...