Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I just got home, turned on Fox to check the score of the All-Star game (it was 2-1 NL when I left work) and the first thing I heard was:

TIM MCCARVER: ...Fox will be carrying the All-Star Game and World Series for the next seven years.
JOE BUCK: You're stuck with us! America, you're stuck with us, for SEVEN YEARS!

Man, that sucks. But, as Buck then pointed out, technically we're just stuck with Fox. Who knows about Buck and McCarver. Anyway, from the play-by-play I have two quick observations:
  • In three of four "This Time It Counts" ASG's, a Ranger has had a key hit. (Of course, I imagine Buck and/or McCarver mentioned that, seventeen times or so.) Thanks, Texas!
  • Jose Lopez had an exciting night. Called in as a pinch runner, walked to third on a ground-rule double, walked home on Young's triple, and then let the tying run on because of an error in the 9th (he's only played 3rd in 2 games).
Finally: if this (reported by GYS fave Jeff Passan) comes to pass, I will never say anything bad about Bud Selig ever again. I'm sure it won't though.


  1. Thankfully the blackout rule they are talking about does not affect me. The stupid Fox exclusive one will not be going away and that is the one that kills me. Saturday would be a perfect game to have a game start at 10:00 and be done by 1:00 and have the rest of the day – but half of them are blacked out or then start at 1:00 or 4:00 (CA time).

    One thing I find most interesting is that the World Series will now start on Tuesday. They did point that out, but what they failed to note is the impact this will have on the schedule. Unless something changes, this means there will be a big gap in the schedule between the LCS or (more likely), they will draw the playoffs out with extra off days. Currently the games go like this (after the regular season):

    Week 1 – Division Series start Tuesday and run through Sunday and/or Monday (if they go five games).

    Week 2/3 – LCS begin on Tuesday and Wednesday – so if you sweep the division series you could potentially be off Sat – Tuesday (CHI was of Sat, Sun, Monday). Still that is a reasonable 3 off days. LCS run generally run two games first week 2/3 games over the weekend and then wrap up on Wednesday and Thursday of week 3.

    Week 3 (weekend) – the WS has always begun on Saturday and gone Sat/Sun – T/W/Th – Sat/Sun.

    So now if your LCS goes 7, you will have 3 or 4 off days to get the pitching back in line (or more likely they will spread the LCS out) – heaven forbid they leave a weekend with no games. Or if you sweep the LCS or win in 5, you could potentially have 6 or 7 days off.

    This is bad. Very bad. The NBA does this and it ruins some of the series – you have 2 and three days off between games. One of the beauties of baseball is David Ortiz can win a playoff game in the 14th inning at 1:00 AM and the teams are right back out there the next night (and then back in NY the next, next night because there was the rain out.

    While this is overlooked now, wait until all the articles come from ryan and shaugnessey when it actually happens in 2007.

  2. Here here. print this before you head off for your morning crap.

  3. Selig is clueless about one thing. Go to my blog and read about what he said about preventing selected pitchers from pitching on the Sunday before the All Star game........lunatic stuff!

  4. X, that Manny piece couldn't have been more on the money.

    I was listening to people rip Manny for not playing in the All-Star game.

    What about Reyes? He needed SEVEN stitches in a cut on his pinkie? Is that even possible?

    Anyway, it is strange to me that if Damon (last year) played hurt for 19-innings and then declined the All-Star game for the TEAM that he would have been a hero.

    What about Pedro in '03? Here's a quote from Tony Masseroti, "Pedro Martinez has elected to respectfully decline the invitation from the manager of the New York Yankees. The inimitable Red Sox ace is growing wiser with each passing day, it seems, and he clearly has much bigger things on his mind." He wasn't even hurt, he just wanted to be fresh for the rest of the year...Ridiculous. Here's another headline about that "Pedro's priority: Fall-Star
    Michael Gee, Boston Herald"...

    And another..."Ace declines his All-Star invite
    Bob Ryan, Boston Globe

    Isn't it great when your best player is also your smartest player?"