Monday, August 28, 2006


This team is really starting to remind me of the Sox version 2001. After a promising start, things are heading downhill quickly. We have an injury to Varitek. A lot of really average bats in the lineup. No real number two starter (at least the number one starter is healthy this year). A bunch of other disappointing guys. The only thing this is lacking is the complete and utter chaos of the clubhouse (led by Everett). And there still is time for someone like Foulke to erupt. Or maybe the Manny situation will escalate - something like Schilling calling him out.


  1. No kidding - I was thinking the same thing. Hey, let's sign Carl Everett, John Rocker, and Albert Belle for the stretch run!

    At least there's this to keep us amused. Man, as if he wasn't unpopular enough in NYC.

  2. Reg-gie. Reg-gie. Reg-gie.

    Very nice.

  3. Hey Loretta as DH tonight. What a lineup.

  4. And only George King could report it as a positive talk from Reggie to A-rod. King obviously does not care about his credibility.

  5. Papi is out indefinitely due to his heart.

    What if he has to retire? Which I doubt, but you never know...

    The Sox could end up a .500 team this year if Manny and Papi stay out of the lineup. That would be ridiculous.

    But, at least the FO could blame it on injuries and not the fact that they don't have any relief pitching of which to speak.

  6. I think the FO is beyond trying to pin this on injuries. It's pretty obvious to the WORLD that Theo doesn't do relief pitching :-)