Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Anna Benson Anna Benson

Okay, not really. But some two thoughts.....

First one marginally involves Anna Benson. So back in January after Kris' trade to Baltimore, I threw out a prediction. ....32 HR and an ERA of 4.90..... and then he actually started the season decent. 4-2 and a 3.32 after a month. And I pretty much stopped paying attention, except when Earl picked him. Turns out that Earl Elixir was precisely what he needed. Current ERA 4.74 and 23 HR, but the rate is rising 11 in his last 7 starts.

This should be interesting. The Donald is throwing out the first pitch before the nightcap Friday. This is either pure genius (in a really freakin funny way) or completely idiotic. Or (my guess), he gave a ton of $$$ to the Jimmy Fund (it is their telethon day) and they agreed to his idea to throw out the first pitch. As a notorius Yankee fan (or at least always a front row attendee in the WS), I can only imagine the boos he will get.


  1. Yeah, so the question is why he was good at the beginning, and then reverted. Was it because he and Anna reconciled their differences, or because I picked him up for my fantasy team?

    We may never know.

  2. Either that or the whole "first time around" syndrome. Speking of which..... Bronson finally picked up win number 10 tonight.