Thursday, August 24, 2006

Interesting tidbit

I caught only about 2 innings of last night's game. During the Angels broadcast (on FSN West), Jose Mota (occasional color commetator/analyst/interviewer/Spanish radio announcer/son of Manny Mota) made an offhand comment while Manny was batting. I can't remember the exact words, but it was something like, "Before the game, Ramirez was telling me..." followed by something about hitting. It was easy to miss, in that it was completely normal, in the way a Red Sox reporter might write "Afterwards, Kevin Youkilis said..." But this was Manny. Mota's a good reporter, and what he reported was pretty unexciting, so it's hard to believe he made this up. So I think Manny really did talk to him before the game. Probably because Mota's part of the relatively benign LA-area sports media; but maybe it could also be that he speaks Spanish, or is a former ballplayer (marginally) rather than a "knight of the keyboard"?


  1. And yes, I said "tidbit". I'm crazy!

  2. could be that their friends from the DR. I can only imagine that there is a pretty active social network that supercedes reporter/player relationships (e.g. Mota has known Manny for years).