Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Earl, was that you

So today at the Sox game, I was there with a guy who is not a real baseball fan. He happens to notice the Sox made a pitching change to start the 7th. granted the scoreboard is not working in Oakland apparently because of the football games (huh?) and I missed the announcement of who was being brought in. I can see the mound and the jersey says "Burns." But I am far away or at least far enough that I'm not 100% sure it actually says Burns. And even if it does, I'm thinking, who the hell is Burns. So I say to my friend that I don't know who the pitcher is and his response is "I thought you followed it close enough that you would know everyone." Well, I did think so a well. But even Yahoo, has know idea who Burns is.

I guess once things reach this point, it is pretty safe to say "Game Over."


  1. I saw this, and I laughed! And laughs right now for us are tough to come by. Jon Lester, our thoughts and prayers are with you. And to the GYS gang? Good job here guys. Everyday reader. Always. Visit my place anytime. And comment if you'd like. Even though we as Sox fans are past the point of competition fueling the writing fires. That was tough to say, but I did. Such is life. And right now I'm concerned about Papi and Jon. The crowd will be appreciative tonight at the Fens. I know it!

  2. Hey what do I know, I'm 3,000 miles away, but for some reason I have a feeling the fans will be a little antsy this evening. And there is a lot of frustration built up from the last two weeks, so I'm not so sure the fans will be appreciative. I think we are all past the point of trying to give these guys a boost. Then again, they'll be booing the PawSox. I don't know who you'd boo - Javy Lopez might be in jeopardy of some boos. And anytime they give up some runs. Maybe Timlin gets booed. All I know is every Sox fan Oakland yesterday (and there were still lots there) basically were all just shaking their heads in disbelief.