Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Root For???

Tonight the Yankees and White Sox square off...

So, as Sox fans, which team are we rooting for? Certainly the division is well within reach, but we are tied for the Wild Card. Do we root for the relative safety of the Wild Card and then go for the division?

These are the questions that must be asked.

The answer?

We must root for the Red Sox to start winning. No amount of teams beating up on each other will solve the problems the Red Sox are facing right now.

For the most part they are putting people behind the plate that can catch the ball, but not hit. They have young guys on the mound (including Papelbon) that are obviously missing the pitch calling from Varitek. Yet, they are still in it. Where are the articles on the Sox resilience?

Anyway, the idea is don't worry about the other teams. If this Sox team doesn't right its own ship, it isn't going anywhere anyway.


  1. I agree there has been way too much written about the Yankee resiliency this year. But I imagine we will start seeing those articles about the Sox when they actually start playing with a bit more resiliency.

    They have only one 1 out of the last 5 series. Especially troubling because all 5 were either at home or against teams with sub .500 records. They were damn close to being swept by CLE at home. and yest their was resiliency in coming back with 2 walk offs, but one of them they were in position to lose because they gave up 2 runs in the 8th - not a good sign.

    So the realy answer is like you said "root for the Red Sox to start winning."

    KC should be a good start. Even if we we win all 3 by 1 run again, lets just win.

  2. Put me on the road to not believing that this team has a shot at making the playoffs.

    With Tek out, the pitching is atrocious. In a way this gives me a guilty pleasure because all the nimrod talk show hosts in New England were saying that the "handling of the pitching staff by a catcher is overrated". Of course, this was when Tek was healthy but not hitting.

    Anyway, I think not making a trade at the deadline sent a message to many players on the Red Sox that read "We are just hoping to fill seats in the ballpark this year. It is the future that we really care about." Thanks, front office...

  3. I think it's terribly unlucky that the Sox had two major injuries within a week after the trading deadline.

    Once again, I ask, who "should" we have traded for? Who?

  4. I'm with you on that question Dino. Of all the names I heard, Oswalt was probably the biggest difference maker and the Stros turned down the offer of Hansen or Delcarmen and another player. Other than that, it was really an unimpressive list of players.

  5. And I will throw out there that the Yankees got Abreu and Lidle for basically nothing. Add Craig Wilson to that list (who can catch, play infield AND outfield)...

    The Sox could have and should have been able to make those deals, too...

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  7. A couple of thoughts on that:

    Nixon was not hurt until after the deadline.

    Abreu was had for $21 MM, which may be nothing to Steinbrenner, but to Theo was too much for a guy with no more power. WMP is the RF next year (and for this year) for short money and they will use the savings to fill other needs. I'm sure they looked at making the trade, but also needed to make another move with Nixon or even Pena in order for it to fall into place. Its not like assembling a fantasy team where you can acquire parts and figure it out as you go.

    Lidle sucks. Seriously. He will not pitch effectively. He has a career ERA over 5 against AL East teams. I will take my chances with Johnson.

    I agree on Wilson. He could have been had. However I don't think he is the type of player that would have put the sox over the top. Plus he is not a real catcher. Plus, plus again Varitek was not hurt until after the deadline.

    I still have heard nothing to convince me that there was a deal out there that would have made the difference and sense for the club in the long run.

  8. Wilson is better than Corky Miller. He gives you some power off the bench, and a guy who can be used in a variety of ways to rest players.

    Yes, Wily Mo is the guy for next year. But the Sox were willing to deal Crisp, as well, which may have opened up other deals.

    Abreu is an on-base machine. Perhaps he could have been flipped to Houston to sweeten a deal? He definitely would have provided way more than Nixon (even if Nixon was healthy).

    Lidle might not be that great, but he is healthy, and is faring better than Wells, so far.

    Overall, I guess the Sox have to hang tight until September when they can expand the rosters...Hopefully, they just bring up 15 pitchers...