Monday, August 21, 2006

Crappity Crap

Well, at least the Bruins look like they might have a good team this year.

Seriously, the Sox need a shot in the arm if they have even a slight thought about making the playoffs this year. But why make a deal now if they didn't at the deadline?

Their pitching is atrocious.

And not for nothing, but those two homers by Giambi yesterday reminded of the two he hit off Pedro, but more steroided, if that is possible...Seriously, the guy was done...If you had the choice of 18MM/year or never playing again, wouldn't you start the HGH again?

It really doesn't matter. This Sox team is not that good. I hope that these youngsters all pan out...because they held on to them for the future...the future better be bright...


  1. I have an idea...If Manny has to leave the game, move Hinske to the OF and put Youkilis in the lineup. Not Kapler.

    This resting people thing is silly at this point. If yesterday was a must-win game, this is the last game they can lose...How about putting your best replacements out there...?

    (Getting ready to raise high the white flag)...6.5 games to overcome in a month against a very hot team...good luck, Red Sox...

  2. Holy crap. I hate this game a lot.

    I have tickets to the Anaheim series this week. I am not at all excited to go.

  3. Is it safe to say it is OVER???

  4. Yeah, it's over.


    I guess it beats a heart-crushing loss though. And hopefully these young guys will actually become good.

  5. I posted a while back that I am cheering until they get 8 games back, which at this rate will be the end of the Angel's series.

    Earl, at least you can get Sushi and Beer at Edison Field of Los Angeles.

  6. Oh, and for all our discussion of Coco Crisp's hot August, he went 1-for-21.

  7. Which, considering everyone's production in this series, isn't half bad...

    Why did Ramirez leave today? Injury?

    That equals VERY OVER...

  8. Manny had a cramp in his hammy. You really can't make this crap up.

    Earl, at least you get to enjoy about 4 hours R/T in your car for each game.

    I'm looking forward to dollar dog day (next Wednesday) in Oakland - plus the 3 hour R/T for each game.....

  9. Actually, tomorrow could be a fun game. I've let the FO know I'm available to pitch in the late innings if necessary.

  10. And by "if necessary" you mean tie game, runners on base, I would fully expect that you may be taken up on your offer.

    That might actually make for a decent minor league promotion:

    "pinch hit for parkinson's night"

    If the crowd raises enough money for parkinson's, one lucky fan will get to pinch hit to lead off the 7th.