Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Reality check

We've been throwing the ball really well. I'm not calling anybody out, but we haven't scored a whole lot. - Mike Timlin, after yesterday's loss

Um, what? In the last 2 weeks (14 games), the Sox have scored 72 runs, for 5.14 runs/game. Not great, but a with a league-average pitching staff (and defense) that should translate to 8-9 wins or so. Problem is, in that time the other teams have scored 73. Meaning the Sox pitchers make the opposing lineups look like Boston's. Given that 9 of those 14 games were against Tampa Bay, Kansas City, and Baltimore, that's...not so good. And Timlin thinks they're "throwing the ball really well"?

(Of course, I suppose you can "throw the ball really well", right into the wheelhouse of the opposing batter. Reminds me of the Grady Little quote: "The ball was coming out of his hand good, it just wasn't going where he wanted it.")


  1. No Kidding. My immediate thoughts after that one were how well they threw the ball in their 8-7 and 11-9 wins over Baltimore.

  2. Maybe when he said "we've been throwing the ball really well" he was referring to the defense? In that case, I totally agree: the defense has been throwing the ball really well. Catching, not so much. But the throwing's been awesome.