Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thoughts from around the league

Here is a great blog posting regarding the potential demise of the Tigers. It is written by a Tiger fan. It's actually really fun and well written. It's great to see other fanatics out there.

Ok, I admit it. I need some distraction. The fact that we're not in first anymore is nerve-wracking


  1. Not to worry, the strategy is to be just behind the Yanks so they can't block any waiver deals the Sox want to make. ;-)

  2. Dang that is some serious pessimism. I do tend to agree with him a little bit in that everyone is playing above their heads (a bit), but not so much so that we would expect a dramatic drop off. When thinking about how the national media could throw a wet blanket on Papi's MVP season, it dawned on me that the team with the best record in baseball does not have a legitimate MVP candidate. And it is not a situation where they have a couple of strong candidates that draw the support. I think it has been a while since that has happened.

  3. Another thought from around the league. Bronson is still searching for that 10th win. He fared okay last night (6 IP, 4 R, but 10 hits and a walk - a decidely Bronson-esque outing).

    You know what is great - in 2005 on August 5 he lost to bring his record to *surprise* 9-7.