Friday, August 25, 2006

Headline nearly killed me

Papi Hosptialized. Holy crap. And not to make too much light of a potentially serious situation (but obviouly things seem to be okay if he made a X-country flight and has not appeared to suffer at the plate), but I can't be the only one who read the statement "Ortiz told the Herald he began experiencing a rapid heartbeat Friday night after the Red Sox were swept..." and thought, "hey just like everyone in RSN. "


  1. And he's back to hitting taters....46 at last count. Oh to come home nearing sweet!!

  2. There really is nothing like the original... Imitations just don't cut it.


  3. I have not yet read the AM Fri papers, but I have to guess that someone amongst the fellowship of the miserable will make the comparison between Manny not playing with a cramp yet Ortiz trudging out there after spending the night in the Hospital.

    Why, why, why is this team a soap opera. And why the hell did this all not go away after 2004.