Sunday, August 27, 2006

It's official

The Red Sox are now sub-.500 against AL teams. Sad, really.


  1. Still suffering with a Timlinover, much worse than a hangover. The combo would kill ya!! And yes, take away the NL, and that's been true for a while. And since the Sox have been treading water since just about the All Star game, well, not much to say.

  2. should be a fun read this Sunday AM. I'm sure someone will be criticizing Manny for not sliding even if Beltre did drop the ball (you know there will be cheap shots since CHB made this trip with the team). Never mind that Hinskie and Lopez can't really hit.

    And remove Baltimore from the equation and the Sox have pretty much the same record as, well the Baltimore Orioles (of course the O's did play the same NL teams and don't get to play themselves.)

  3. I love whne writers get on their high horse. From George Vecsey:

    "The Mets should forsake the theoretical $10 million a year they could squeeze out of some corporation and suggest that every player for the next decade give up a few dollars in a tribute to Robinson."

    Yeah, sure. My favorite part is that they "suggest" that every player give up a few dollars. Pretty funny. Imagine what, say, Scott Boras would tell them to do with their suggestion.

  4. I hear you about Hinske. I constantly read complaints about Hinske being on the bench when so-and-so is up to bat. After his impressive 3-for-4-with-3-doubles start, he's gone 1-for-18 with 1 walk.

  5. The thing that kills me about all this is that the Sox could have made themselves a legitimate threat to the Yankees during this series with the Mariners...If the pen doesn't (Timlin throwing the ball well) blow it, then it is 4 1/2 with the Yankees facing the Angels today.

    Of course, the Sox have Snyder on the mound today which means winless in Seattle. There is crying in baseball. KAPOW!

    Like I said before, I think those games against the NL really made the Sox look WAY better than they are. Truth be told, Wells coming back at the trading deadline was like picking up a quality starter. He's been pitching like a 2 or 3...He's been that good (with the exception of his return start). The pen has sucked...and he's gotten no run support to speak of.

    And maybe we should begin another post to discuss this...but since the FO made no moves at the deadline because other teams wanted so much for so little...and the Sox kept the young guys, how does this team really shape up for next year?

    Manny, Coco, and Wily Mo in the OF

    Youk, Pedroia, probably Lugo, and Lowell for the infield.

    Tek catching.

    Schilling, Beckett, Papelbon, Lester, Wakefield (that's a pretty good rotation, but two guys are 40+, Pap has never started for a full season, and it will be Lester's first full year)

    The pen is empty except for Tavarez...

    Still lots of questions...except for Big Papi...