Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Are There Any "What Ifs" Left?

Trailing the Yankees by 6 1/2 games, and Chicago by 4, are there any what-ifs left, or is this team going to mail it in?

Today is August 22 and the Red Sox have 38 games to play. Now I can say that this entire town is in panic mode...No, this entire town is in "it is over" mode. I happen to be a fence sitter, but probably only because I've seen the Sox in bad situations before only to rally back. But, is that this version of the Sox?

It is funny...this team is only 2 games worse than the Sox team of last year at this point. The difference is that the Yankees, Tigers, and Twins are all better than last year at this point. However, the Sox have played uninspired ball for weeks now. The only time you think they have a chance to win is when Schilling or Wells go out there.

Take for example, tonight they begin an even more crucial stretch on the West Coast. One could predict that they NEED to go at least 6-3 to remain within striking distance of the Wild Card leader Chicago (who, by the way, hasn't exactly been lighting it up). The thing is (and this is what haunts the Sox) they have to throw Kyle Snyder against the Angels.

Snyder surprised most of us with his first start or two, and then his very impressive long relief appearance. He's now, however, giving up more long balls than "Way Back" Wasdin. This really ISN'T the guy you want going for you in a game where you need a lot of innings and a win.

Throw the crappy pen into the picture. Aside from the wild pitch yesterday, Foulke looked pretty good. Seanez is gone. Hansen got shipped back to Pawtucket...and here comes Gabbard and Corey. This is not a group that inspires confidence, and they shouldn't...

I expect the offense to score runs...I expect the defense to play well. But with Lester, Synder, and Beckett going in the next three, I don't expect to win at least two of them. Someone has to step up. Most of the writing is already on the wall, but this road trip will spell it all out for the Red Sox...


  1. Hold on, my turn to try...

    Yes, this roadtrip WILL spell it out for our friends in Red and blue. And now is the time to see how this team does with their backs against the walls. Lester and Beckett will surprise, and Wells and Schilling will continue to amaze. It is time.

    (X's was better.)

  2. The most telling item in here.....

    "this team is only 2 games worse than the Sox team of last year at this point"

    And we all know how last year turned out. Two games worse? Does that mean the Sox can lose a best of 5 play off series in one game this year, instead of needing 3 games? Based on the last few weeks it sure feels like it could.

  3. A related problem: when the postseason starts, the Sox, if they make it, will have to play AL teams. Maybe Selig can change the rules really quick?

    Two upsides to my going to the game tonight:
    1) Dustin Pedroia makes his MLB debut; and
    2) Kyle Snyder is pitching, so I may be called on to pitch some early innings, when the game is still in hand.