Sunday, February 26, 2006

An Olive Branch (at least for a day)

So GYS whipping boy Murray Chass has picked up on the special election for the HOF for a large group of Negro League players. For once (and potentially only this one time), I say, "Nice work Murray." He even went so far as to reference probably my second all time favorite baseball book - "Only the Ball Was White" (right after "The Pitch that Killed"). I may have to dig that one out and do a book review of that since I have already reviewed my All Time Favorite.

For a number of years, I have had a fascination with the Negro Leagues. I hope Buck O'Neill gets the nod for the HOF - he was inspiration for my curiosity when he appeared in Ken Burns' Baseball DVD and has been the ambassador for their History. Buck's book was entertaining, but certainly not ground breaking.

I envy friend of GYS (K-Dawg or the now contracted team owner Choppin Wood) for having gotten to KC (courtesy of Athena) and visiting the Negro League Baseball Museum and hope to someday make the voyage myself.

So for this one day, the olive branch is out. Of course, it is very hard for me to not laugh at his continued (in the same column even) ridiculing of the Anaheim, California Angels of Orange County Los Angeles when there is precedent right in his own backyard with NY Jets and Giants. I know, I just could not resist....


  1. Wow, yeah, great article. Weird. (Hilarious how Chass reverts to his normal sense when talking about today's baseball.)

    Very sad about Robert Peterson; I had no idea he died, just 2 weeks ago.

  2. I too enjoyed the article and wondered where Mr. Ch(ass) obtained his nice pill. But it was a spell that lasted only a few fleeting moments.

  3. There must be something happening in NY - maybe something in the water, some Electro magnetic activity or perhaps the cold is getting to them. Even Mike Lupica had a fairly coherent column this morning - first time in long time. Even his weekly trashings of president bush, c. dolan and bloomberg were kept to the absolute minimum (plus its always nice when A-Fraud is called out for the phony he is.

    Even more interesting on the Chass front, is that none of the other 6 papers I read even picked up on it (one small by line in six papers) so this was not a matter of picking up on an MLB press release. Or at least a widely distributed one. I imagine that will happen after the votes are tallied.