Friday, February 17, 2006

Ben Grieve Watch, 2006 edition

The GYS Network's all-time favorite Rookie of the Year, Benjamin Grieve, is hoping to embark on his 10th year as a major leaguer. Last month he signed a minor league contract with the World Champion Chicago White Sox (man, it's so sad having to say that). He'll be playing this spring as a non-roster invitee, but has a legitimate shot at being the Sox's 25th man. He'll be fighting for that final bench spot against Joe Borchard (another didn't-quite-pan-out-the-way-everyone-had-hoped-super-prospect), and Russ Gload (who can't be happy about the Thome signing). Looks to be a tough competition. Comparing their last ~300 AB (in Borchard's case, all his MLB at-bats):


Grieve's recent numbers actually aren't terrible; they're just not good enough for DH'ing, and he's apparently atrocious in the field. Borchard shouldn't be much competition -- I don't think I ever quite appreciated just how much of a bust he's been (though part could be lack of playing time). Like Drew Henson, he's now reconsidering his choice of sports, and is considering a return to football (he was QB at Stanford). Gload, on the other hand, could be a real threat to the 1998 ROY. He was injured basically all last year, but in 2004 (234 AB) he batted .321/.375/.479.

C'mon Grieve. You can do it. Throughout Spring Training I'll be giving updates on this Fierce Rivalry For The 25th Spot On A Team That's Not The Red Sox But Is Still Important Because It Involves Ben Grieve.


  1. Grieve will win out...And then I will do everything in my power to get tickets to the games in which he plays at Fenway. Then, as we've ruined his career once before, shall I begin the run to do so once again...

  2. Earl, sweet table. Man you're rockin' that html aren't you!

    Go Ben Grieve!!!