Thursday, February 02, 2006


When the biggest Sox news of the day is that Gabe Kapler and Enrique Wilson were invited to Spring Training, you know there's nothing to talk about. So here's a motivational poster. Spring Training begins soon, sort of.


  1. Now wait just a second. As noted earlier, the Sox signed Jimmy Serrano! The clubhouse possibilities are endless. Maybe even a motivational poster.


    Withe Jimmy Serrano standing over a bleeding CHB and 9 MM glock in his hand.

    Also, this post proves that EARL is a liar. Just one day after claiming to not read the boston papers, he has a link to one.

    Of course you can always claim you were misquoted.

  2. I'm not a liar. Taking a cue from our president, I didn't mean it literally. but instead as an example. I needed to dramatize it in a way that every American understands. That's not lying.