Monday, February 27, 2006

Ouch... a rough way to go.

This is something you don't like to see. Not sure why he would "walk out", but maybe he has been in denial about his career coming to a close. I am sure he'll right himself and have a proper retirement press conference.


  1. Joker Marchant Stadium? Awesome.

  2. So DET two starters from last year are now:

    a) out of baseball - retired
    b) apprarently out of baseball - incarcerated

    On a somewhat related note, I find it refreshing to read that the NY media are still a bit concerned about how Farnsworth's psyche will adapt to NY and whether he is up for the role even after they invested $17MM on the guy. Yikes.

    I know Boston is tough, but we have 3 new high profiled guys (admittedly not 3 years $17 MM profile) that are being billed as the new bigger, stronger bullpen.

    But Seanez (who sucked in Boston, granted a while back), Taverez (a noted hothead, since his days in CLE), and Riske (who sucked sooooo badly last SEP the Tribe refused to use him in a penant race) don't seem to be facing a ton of scrutiny and question marks like the Fonz.

  3. PS - nice new link on the CHB blog. will have to check out when I have more time...

  4. I was thinking of giving the CHB blog its own post, since it's so great.

    And yeah, ridiculous that just a year ago everyone was wondering why Detroit needed two All-Star closers; and now they have zero.