Friday, February 03, 2006

Now starting at shortstop...

Boston Herald is reporting that Alex Gonzalez is basically a Red Sox. Nothing formal has been posted, but he apparently passed his physicial last night in Boston.

Dennis and Callahan flunky Meiter (or however you spell it) suggested this AM an immediate three team deal that included Red Sox giving up:

Youk, Gonzalez, Lester, Graf, Wells, and a minor leaguer

to get in return:

Tejeda and Hee-Seop Choi

The rumored trade involved LA, which would give up Lowe and Choi and get Graf and Wells and maybe the minor leagure of Lester.

The Orioles would get Youk, Gonzalez, and Lester or/minor leaguer.

About 1 minute after explaining all the details, some one actually bothered to look up the rules on signing and trading a free agent. Apparently the earliest we could move Gonzalez is June.

So no block buster deal! Gonzalez is here to stay! Go defense!!!


  1. Gonzalez passed the physical, but there is still a chance that he might not be coming to Boston...

    If the Angels wanted to move O-Cab in a deal with a pitcher (Santana), then we might be looking for a left fielder quickly...

    I heard that dumb rumor, too...Essentially we would have been giving up Graf, Wells, Youk, Lester, Gonzalez and other for Tejada and Choi.

    However, could you imagine a lineup with Manny, Ortiz, and Tejada...


  2. Apparently the earliest we could move Gonzalez is June.

    Is this true? As GR says, he's not definitely going to be on the team --- his contract is not guaranteed.

  3. If they cut him before March 15 they owe him about $600K and if before opening day $750K. He's guaranteed $3MM if he makes the opening day roster.

    While the CBA does say he can not be traded until June 15, he can waive that right in writing, which I imagine he would do in exchange for that $$ becoming guaranteed.

    However, I do think that is all for moot. I mean if the teams could not put this thing together earlier this offseason what makes us think that now it would.

    If LA or Balt wanted to move O-Cab/Tejada but were concerned about their whole at SS, wouldn't they have just signed Gonzlaez after making the trade?

  4. Interesting breakdown X. I agree that it doesn't make sense to trade of a SS now when they could make a trade and sign the same player.

    Basically, it sounds like there is a load of crappy rumors floating around.