Friday, February 03, 2006

First Game of Year

I watched my first game of 2006 last night - the Carribean WS on (unfortunately the YES network - I thought about changing the channel, but my Direct TV viewership does not count in the ratings that add to the ad revenue for Georgy porgy).

Venezueala crushed Mexico. It was 11-1 after 7 when I stopped watching. Old friend Jeremei Gonzalez did something he couldn't do last year - pitch awesome. Through 7 innings (not sure what he did after he left - 1 run, 3 hits and a bucn of K's. the competition was not great - I recognized about half the names and none were stars. I think I will watch some of the DR game tonight.

Regardless, it was great to see some baseball....
And this weekend I'm hoping to get over to Stanford to see them take on Cal State Fullerton to open the college season.


  1. Not to mention Alex Gonzalez going 4-for-4 with 3 RBI and 2 walks?

  2. Crap, I thought that was the other Alex Gonzalez. Wasn't our Alex in Boston having a physical yesterday?

    Well, I guess ever since the invention of the airplane...

  3. Do you guys get NESN out there on the left coast with your sat. system??....I hope so....

  4. I get pretty much everything on DirectTV - NESN, YES, FOX Sports Net New England. MSG - you name it.