Monday, February 20, 2006

Millar as club house glue

I searched through our archives, but apparently we only keep about a rolling-year's worth :-( Anyway, before last season I wrote a little post on how Millar is the club house glue and that regardless of his performance he was important for keeping the team balanced. Naturally, last year was difficult because he sucked at the plate. Given Ortiz's recent comments about Manny and Millar, I am concerned. I don't really see any one else that Manny respect enough to diffuse him when he's getting wound up - and we know that he will get wound up. My fear is that unlike previous years (enter chorus stage left "Manny being Manny"), this year will actually lead to some implosion.


  1. A few comments:

    1) All entries, from Day 1, are archived. A google search found the post you were referring to.
    2) Pictures on GYS? And only a couple days after I made a table (which took way too long, by the way)? Next up: flash animation!
    3) I think you're reading too much into Ortiz's comments. But we'll see. I guess the key question is: how important is clubhouse chemsistry, or having a character around? What would you give up in talent to get a good clubhouse presence?
    4) What's your fascination with glue?

  2. I tend to agree with Earl on this one. Clubhouse chemistry is a bit overrated. remember, the Sox pay Ortiz a wad of cash to hit the crap out of a baseball. If he wanted to be the next Dr. Phil, my guess is that he would be slightly less successful in that endeavor.

    These guys are, for the most part, spoiled millionairs. the great chemistry of Millar, Damon, Meuller, et al didn't stop Foulke from whining last season - nor apparently this year with his stupid continued comments. Boy does that guy have a bad agent.

    That said, I am terribly impressed with the photo. this of course coming from the guy that has trouble putting a link in the comments section.

  3. Let me cut right to the chase, I love GLUE. I snort it mostly, I'd even eat it if I didn't already have enough problems with my GI track.

    In all honesty, I think there is a lot to be said about "glue". If we consider the last few champions (in any sport) they all had a certain "bond" that trumped individual issues. I am sure X can think of an example of a team that actually won that had a ton of conflict amongst the team. Look what happened to the Lakers once Kobe stopped playing "feed Shaq"!

  4. Best example - the mid 70s Yankee bronx zoo teams. Or for that matter the 86 Mets.

    There is a popular saying that "winning creates chemsitry."

  5. Did the White Sox from last year have chemistry? Not too sure about that...I haven't heard that they didn't have chemistry, but that doesn't mean they had it...

    I would argue about that 86 Mets. I read Gary Carter's autobiography and that was a huge portion of his book...How they all got along, etc...

    Here's how much chemistry the Sox had last year, or the year before.

    Pedro wanted out and left.
    Manny wanted out.
    Damon, obviously, wanted out.

    Those guys played a huge part...