Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Standards are falling!!!

The Red sox announced their 2006 Hall of Fame Inductees. I remember when it was created - the criteria (if my memory serves me) were member of the real HOF and have finished their career with the Sox. While those were a little stict (okay, very strict), I must say the current class is a bit of a stretch. sure Joe Morgan led them on the magical run, but he was the manager of the Sox for 3-1/2 years. And I know he worked for them in the minors for a long time. but still, it seems a bit of a stretch.


  1. if my memory serves me

    Given your age, that's a pretty huge "if". Hate to tell you, but your memory didn't serve you very well. The "real HoF" and "finish with the Red Sox" criteria are for having your number retired by the team, not for getting into the Sox HoF. The first class ('95) in the RSHoF included Jim Rice, Johnny Pesky, and Frank Malzone.

    The criteria are: "Player must have played a minimum of three years with the Red Sox and must have been out of uniform as an active player for at least three years. Non-uniformed persons (broadcasters, front office) are inducted by a unanimous vote of the Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame selection committee."

    What I didn't know was this:

    "Former Red Sox players and personnel in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown are automatically enshrined in the Boston Hall."

    Roger Clemens will be joining in a few years I guess.

  2. ...though on the topic of falling standards, the "finish with the Sox" requirement was eased for Fisk, who retired with the Bad Sox. Their excuse was "Well, he's with us now!"

    Again, we'll see about Roger. I say they should do it, when he retires. (Really retires. Not "Michael Jordan" retires.)

  3. damn. my memory is fading

  4. "6, 2 and even again." Ring any bells. Magical run.