Thursday, February 02, 2006

Trivia Update

In an earlier post (actually in the comments section). I threw out a random trivia question - how many players have played on ONE and ONLY ONE major league game.

I'm pleased to announce that EARL is the winner. No one else was even close. Of course no one else ventured a guess, but still Earl was closest with a guess of "I'm going to say: a lot. Six, seven million, at least."

Congratulations Earl.


  1. Thanks! What do I win? More importantly, what's the real answer?

    I like that if anyone had guessed "negative three million" they would have beaten me. (Or were we using Price is Right rules?)

  2. The prize is, well, its nothing. Except you earned my respect and admiration for the effort. So in the words of Carl Spackler - you've got that going for you. Which is nice.

    Hey speaking of movies, today's Globe says the Sox have invited Jimmy Serrano to camp. Which immediately reminded me of Pedro Cerrano from the movie Major League (who was played the the late former President of the United Stats, David Palmer - actually Dennis Hasbert). Hey its the second TV/movie reference in three days to someone who went on to a bigger role!!!

    Imagine what a force Cerrano would be in that lineup with Manny and Papi. Not to mention the fun the media would have with his clubhouse rituals.

    I think there is also a Jimmy Serrano in Goodfellas or the sopranos - almost has to be. That would be cool as well. Now that would make for good drama. Forget the dangers of reporters in Iraq, the Sox clubhouse would become dangerous. CHB writes an article critical of the team and Terry could send Serrano off to whack the SOB.

    As for the real answer - you know it really is hard to play in only one game - especially these days. even Cla Meredith got into 3 games. Although Scott Cassidy pitched in only one (but has prior experience).

  3. Actually, Jimmie Serrano was the bad guy in Midnight Run (played by Dennis Farina - another Law and Order cast member, then again there are about 43 L&Os on TV now) (and there still may be one in Sopranos and/or Goodfellas).

    Either way, the more wiseguys in the clubshouse the better.

  4. Aha. According to This site, it's 952 (as of April 2004).

  5. According to baseball reference its 1460:

    I'm still not as good as Earl at putting links in comments

  6. Cool list, but it includes players from before 1876, when the National League was founded. So that's not technically major league baseball, right?