Thursday, February 23, 2006

Assimilation complete

Johhny Damon, yesterday:
"There is no reason to celebrate getting to the postseason."

photo taken October 2, 2005, after Boston clinches playoff spot


  1. But with free agent Johnny Damon atop a lineup that could score 1,000 runs??? 1000 runs???? Highly unlikely...

    Yes, they have a great starting offense, but who is on the bench?

    They really think they are going to average almost 6.2 runs a game? That's a very tall order...Especially if one guy gets hurt...

    I think they should hope to score that much because they are going to give up a whole lot as well...

  2. Yeah, 1000's pretty ridiculous. But I'd say 950 isn't. They scored 886 runs last year...Damon's about a 40-50 run upgrade over Bernie/Bubba. Then with Giambi healthy, and with all of Womack's at-bats replaced by Cano, I think 950 is very doable. But I agree with both your points: (1) an injury of any of the Big Guys would be a huge problem for them, and (2) they'll give up more runs then they did last year (789).