Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What I learned from the New York Times today

Chasshole Watch, Part XV

(1) Barring players from taking amphetamines will make baseball boring.
(2) Since the A's haven't made the playoffs in a couple years, Moneyball doesn't work.


  1. That money ball article is pretty funny. Ny favorites:

    "To a large degree," Howe said, discussing the playoff success of wild-card teams, "I think they have less pressure on them when they get into the postseason because no one expects them to go far, and they have a chip on their shoulder so they play harder."

    Aside from the obvious lunacy of that statement its funny coming from Howe - who coached a WC team in OAK but I guess they couldn't turn it up.

    and then at the end, when Chass adds (On the Jays who just got a bit more scary by adding Molina):

    "As for cheaper, the Blue Jays' payroll last season was $46 million, down from $65 million the year before Ricciardi took over. But this year, Ricciardi is operating on a budget $25 million higher, which means the Blue Jays won't be cheaper than they were when he interviewed with Godfrey."

    Well okay, I guess on the surface their payroll is $6MM higher than 4 years ago - but what about compared to league average? Or even in relation to the revenues which are sky rocketing (Satellite, increased TV money, not to mention the CAD $$ has strengthened in that time).

    Oh wait, I should not be expecting any kind of real journalism from Murray.

    This post could have been titled Chasshole Watch, Part XV.

  2. Good call. Correction has been made.