Sunday, February 26, 2006


Another useless article about team chemistry (or perceived lack thereof), this time courtesy of Tony Massarotti. But what caught my eye is not anything in the article itself; it's the accompanying photo...


  1. When I read this article yesterday I wondered why the ink was wasted printing it. Of course the team is new to each other. That's what Spring Training is for, to become one, a formidable force this year. FoxSports picks the Sox first in the AL East. Nice.

  2. On the subject of team chemistry:

    "Mariano Rivera hasn't ruled out pitching beyond his current contract. The 36-year-old Yankees closer is in the final season of a $21 million, two-year extension. He has a $10.5 million option for 2007. ''We'll see what happens," Rivera said. ''Hopefully this year I'll do a good job. I don't want to go ahead." "

    Contrast this to Gary Sheffield's recent (forever) antics. And for some perspective, sheffield has made almost double ($119MM) in his career than rivera ($63.5MM).

    But back to Maz, this article is one of his least offensive of the offseason. that is an interesting picture....

  3. An interesting note out of the AJC


    Edgar was held out of a workout on friday dues to back soreness. Sure its early, but this one will warrant monitoring this season. the quote:

    In other news Friday, new shortstop Edgar Renteria was held out of the workout with a sore back after jumping out of the way of a ball in the batting cage Thursday. Bobby Cox said he might rest him again Saturday, but said it’s not a big deal and he just wants to make sure Renteria doesn’t develop a nagging injury.