Saturday, February 11, 2006

Its that time again.

Book review. I’m trying to get caught up on my readings for the last few months, but still am a bit behind.

This entry – the Hardball Times Baseball Annual. As linked from GYS, they have a decent website

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  1. This book is a recap of the 2005 season. There is more analysis then you could ever imagine. Includes the following:

    A recap of the season – division by division
    Commentary – essays about a number of different subjects
    History – a few essays
    Analysis, Statistics, More Analysis and tons more statistics
    Team by team break down – key stat which include the normal as well as the abstract

    If you are NOT a numbers geek, stay away from this book. Hell, I like numbers and stats, but even this book goes overboard. More data in here than you can imagine on such things as defensive ratings, BABIP, and even a breakdown of win shares.

    For me, the value is in the commentary. The topics are wide ranging including:

    An overview/analysis of Walt Jocketty’s performance record
    A look ahead to the looming CBA battle
    A decent team by team look at the WBC
    A rob Neyer piece that is highly critical of Tito for his allegiance to Millar and unwillingness to play the now departed Roberto Pet-a-genie
    A defense of the Paul Depodesta era (I found this one very interesting)

    Overall – a decent book. Good commentary. Overwhelming stats. I would say this is bloop single.