Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Need Help with my next book review

Two quick questions:
1. Name the team of the 90s
2. T or F - Tommy Herr was a star mlb player.


  1. From A-Rod's bio (I kid you not):

    Rodriguez lifts weights at the team clubhouse six days a week to keep himself in tip-top shape and pampers himself like a matinee idol. He washes his face with Clinique soap, gets his hair cut every 10 days and indulges in a monthly manicure and pedicure. And nothing stands between Rodriguez and his four-times-daily flossing: “I’m big into teeth.”

  2. Team of the 90s? The Montreal Expos...Why? Because of their cool uniforms...

    Tommy Herr- A star? I had a bunch of his baseball cards, so my guess is no...They were readily available...

  3. Team of the 90's: The Boston Beaneaters, who won the National League Pennant in '91, '92, '93, '97, and '98.

  4. ...Eventually they became the Atlanta Braves, and won another five pennants: '91, '92, '95, '96, and '99.

    (The Beaneaters won only one fewer World Championship than the Braves did. Which isn't bad given they had the slight disadvantage of existing before the first World Series took place.)

  5. Okay, so no one wants to really give me any help. well, GR did answer the Tommy Herr question straight up.

    Earl - do you really believe the Braves were the team of the 90s? sure they won 8 of the 9 division titles, five penants and one WS. Is that enough to call them the team of the decade? The Yankees only won 3 divisions (two WC), 3 penants but won 3 WS and two of them were against the Braves.

    Sure as Sox fans we are goiing to be loathe to admit the MFY were the team of the 90s (and the early 90s Yankees sucked), but I don't think it is such a slam dunk.

    These questions will make a bit more sense when I get my next book review done.

  6. Herr had one great year, and the rest not even so good.

    In 1985, he hit .302 with 110 RBI, 31 SBs and 38 doubles (a 30/30 guy). He had no power...yes, two years earlier he hit .323 (but that was in 90 some odd games)...

    If I recall, he had quite a lot of hair...

  7. Wait...here's some praise for him...

    "Herr took over as St. Louis' second baseman in 1980. With Ozzie Smith, he formed one of the best double play combinations in baseball, three times leading the NL in twin killings. He made only six errors at second base in 1984, nine in 1986, and seven in 1987. Not known for power, the selective switch-hitter did not get his first home run until his 337th major league game. Nonetheless, his speed and ability to make contact made him an excellent third-place hitter, especially in Busch Stadium with its distant fences and Astroturf. In 1981 and 1982 he did not go hitless more than two games in a row and in 1985 and 1986 he led Cardinals batters in RBI. Despite just eight home runs, he drove in 110 runs in 1985, becoming only the seventh second baseman in history to reach the century mark. He batted .302 with 38 doubles and 31 steals that season, providing much needed run production for a St. Louis team that won the NL pennant even with slugger Jack Clark losing time to a rib injury. Herr also drove in 83 runs for the Cardinals pennant-winning 1987 squad."

  8. I'd have to give the Braves Team of the Decade honors for the 90's. 8 division championships in ten years (counting 1994), one WS win and 5 appearances (5! For half the decade, the Braves owned the entire NL!)... no, they didn't convert 4 of those series, but any team in baseball would kill to appear in even two or three WS in a decade, let alone 5. The Yankees owned the end of the decade, but the Braves were kings of the whole thing.

  9. But by those standards the Buffalo Bills were the NFL team of the 90's...

    I think that you can say they have an amazing organization, but I think you have to look at the championships more than anything.

    Going back to the Bills...Does anyone argue with the fact that Dallas was the team of the 90s? (Even though I hate them as much as the Yankees)...Crap, the Yankees and Dallas...What a crappy sports decade!

    Technically the Yankees won 3 in the 90's, the Blue Jays won 2. It's a close call...

    As a counter-point, I have to say that we also probably think of the Yankees as the team of the 90s because of their continued success in recent years...Even though, contrary to my points above, they have won a championship since 2000 (hehehehehehehe).

  10. Now we're getting into different definitions of "team of the 90's". If it's championship wins, then all you have to do is count up who won the most that decade (Cowboys, Yankees). If it's championship game appearances, it's a different pair (Bills, Braves). If it's regular-season domination, Green Bay(?), Braves. If it's longevity throughout the decade, then it's no one in the NFL (Packers came closest), and Braves in the MLB.

  11. I think it has to be a combination of longevity and dominance... I generally put myself into the "the postseason is a crapshoot" camp, at least in baseball.