Thursday, February 09, 2006


Nice little puff piece in the NYT on Brian Cashman being a guest of honor in a Washington Heights restaurant. There's a bit on the chance that Clemens may re-join the Yankees, leading to the stomach-turning title "Clemens in on the Menu". But that's not the worst of it; apparently that restaurant likes to name dishes after notable (mostly Dominican) players, with one of their main entrees being named the Pujols. (Note to self: put awesomely hilarious Pujols joke here.)

Also, this Globe article, that a new buliding may shift the winds enough to reduce HR totals, is pretty amusing (make sure to check out the cool graphic). But, if the effect on winds is real, I think the article misses the point, by a lot. If the increase is really in turbulence rather than wind speed, the biggest effect may be more movement on fly balls. Meaning Manny, Coco, and Trot may have their work cut out for them (oh boy). More importantly, if HR totals are down, isn't this a good thing for the Sox? Yeah, offense will be down a bit. But Manny and Ortiz will still hit HR, and given the starting rotation has some flyball pitchers, I would think keeping the ball in the park will only help.

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