Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Baseball, Baseball, Baseball

Well - its almost time for the van to be loaded at Yawkey Way - I will miss seeing that picture in the Globe.

On a brighter note - did anyone catch the finish to the Caribe WS. Amazing. Former Sox farm hand Henry Blanco hit a towering IF pop fly that dominican SS Aybar lost in the lights and it HIT HIM ON THE HEAD and new Red Sox SS Alex Gonazalez scored the winning run.

This is a good sign for the Sox - the last five (American) WS winners all featured very prominent performances by players that were stars of that years earlier Caribbean WS. And Gonzales was one of the most dominant performers.

On the downside - defending champ Mexico did not win a game (0-6).


  1. Hit him on the head ala CANSECO!!!

  2. The only difference was that Canseco was trying to catch the ball and in Aybar defense, he'd lost it in the lights/wind and was ducking to get out of the way.