Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Poor Murray

It really is sad.

Sure a lot of Sox fans are obsessed with that other team. But a grown man. Who is supposed to be a professional. What's next? An interview with Mike timlin's ex-girlfriend from high school. Saying how he wronged her terribly and that Mike is an evil man.


  1. You might think that he could write an article about how close the Yankees are in the race, or whatever...

    Seriously, how much money does this guy make? Talk about mailing in an article...

    Who is this guy in the article complaining about not getting a ring, but getting a watch instead? And, more importantly, who cares?

    You know what really makes this article sad? The fact that even Yankee fans won't read this and go, "YEAH!" I mean, if CHB wrote an article like this I doubt that people in Boston would be like, "Can You BELIEVE the Yankees???"

  2. You guys dismiss this and laugh at it, but I for one am seriously reconsidering my loyalties. Because, as I recall, we fans got a lot of credit last year for always being there for the team and everything. But I don't see any rubies on my finger. Go Devil Rays.

  3. GR - excellent point. what exactly does he think he is accomplishing by this. Really, what is the best scenario for that? some Yankee fan reads it and thinks Gee whiz the Red Sox organization really sucks and Steninbrenner is a classy guy for giving rings to his friends? Oh wait, then he says that the players don't like when non-players get rings. But then again earlier in the year, the times took shots at the Sox for handing out too many.

    Really, the Yanks are in the heat of a race and this is the best he has to offer.

    And Andrew - since you now are questioning your loyalties to the Sox, you really shouldn't be cheering for the D-Rays. At least not for the next three nights.