Monday, September 26, 2005


Both games delayed, probably will be postponed. I waited all day for this? And no Indians to root against. I guess today we're all Angels fans, in order to keep the Wild Card race simple. But what to hope for with the White Sox? If they put together a couple wins, they win the division, keeping the WC race down to 3 teams. But if they clinch soon, they might hand the Indians the final series...



  2. I think you have to root against both CHI and CLE all the time. I hear the argument, but I just don't see how a team can ease up in that situation. Plus Guillen is a dick. Always root against CHI.

    If it came down to a playoff series between NYY and CHI, I would root for, well Armegeddon first. And then, well I guess I would root for CHI, but I wouldn't be happy about it.

  3. Agreed I guess. I really wish the Indians had surged a couple weeks earlier so it was CWS fighting for the WC. Easy team to root against.

    The Yanks sent 4 batters to the plate before the game was re-delayed. Could be a long night. Really, they should just cancel.

  4. Now we just have to hope that the game goes on in Baltimore and that the Yanks have to use some pen. 11-0 in the 6th, last I checked.

  5. The thing that sucks about us getting rained out last night, and the Yankees getting their game in is that Schilling will now have to go on short rest against the Yankees, or be moved back...

    We were lined up as Wells, Schilling, Wake...Which I liked. Now it is looking like Arroyo, Wells, Schilling or Clement, Wells, Schilling...With Wake being awesome against the Yankees, and the season possibly coming down to that last day, it is weird to say that I'd like to see the season ride on Wake's arm, but there it is...

    The upside is that day off on Thursday seemed to let our bats get going again. Maybe the additional day off yesterday will totally ignite this offense...

  6. Well, I think you have to at least consider that it is Wake that comes back on short rest saturday and Schilling gets bumped out to Sunday.

    Maybe they can get a nice lead early in one of the games so that either Wake or Red Light only have to throw 5 innings/70 pitches.

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  8. Yeah, that'd be nice to get a lead, but 5 innings is scary...It would have to be a 7-run or more lead to feel safe for 4 innings.

    There is just no room for error.

    I was thinking about the lineups for today's games...Damon, Ramirez and Nixon have to play both games...I don't want to see Hyzdu or Machado unless there is a gigantic lead...Maybe it is important to rough up Bush in the day game (starts in 10 minutes) to rest those guys a little...?

    Of course, I am also guessing that Millar gets a start in the outfield with Olerud at first...