Monday, September 19, 2005

Two weeks of this crap....

The final thirteen games. Should be exciting. And not just Sox-Yanks. There should be tons of fun baseball. What will not be fun is crap like this. Everyday, if the Sox lose, there will be mentions of 1978, never mind that the circumstances are entirely different. Couple a Sox win and a Yankee loss and the story will be that this team has picked itself up. They are resilient. Just like in the 2004 ALCS. Again, entirely different circumstances.

This team in not the 1978 Sox nor the 2004 Sox. They are our 2005 Boston Red Sox. And these last two weeks should be a lot fun. And, I'm sure, at times we will be cursing and at other times we will be exstatic.


  1. As per usual, Shaughnessy can't get out of the past. One wonders, if he's still employed, if he'll be writing articles like this that will compare the 2027 Red Sox to the '03 team or something. I guess it's as good a cover as anything to hide that he doesn't actually know anything about baseball.

  2. Isn't this from the same guy who predicted a Sox division win by landslide not too long ago?

    What a dope...