Thursday, September 01, 2005

September Call Ups?

Um, where are they? I haven't seen anything in any of the papers. It is September...There isn't really even any chatter about it...

Hansen shut down 5-10 days. That's all I've heard...

With Graffanino on the bench with a tender hamstring, I am asking, "Where is Ramirez?" I guess if Cora has to be pinch-hit for, then Youk would move to third and Mueller to second. Oops...It looks like we've called up Alejandro Machado...

With the pen still stretched, I am wondering where in the world is Delcarmen? Lester? Malaska (just kidding)? Chad Harville? I would think with Arroyo going today and DiNardo going tomorrow that we would have plenty of extra pitching on hand...Also, I see this name on the roster. Matt Perisho...I must have missed us picking him up.

Anyone hear of anything?


  1. I read toda that YOuk was up yesterday. Dinardo, Perisho and Machado are on their way.

    Delcarmen has to stay with PAW until the 6th, since any player that is sent down has to stay for 10 days. also shoppach would be up but tweaked his ankle.

    I think some of the options - Ramirez, Lester - are not being called up because they are not on the 40 man roster. And if they move them to the 40 man roster, it essentially starts the clock on how long the sox can control them. Including NOT having to protect them in future rule 5 drafts and having an unlimited number of options to send them down to PAW.

  2. well the Yanks pen looked goo tonight.

    Sturtze gave up a run,
    Embree a run
    Mendoza gave up a 3 run bomb.

    Hey maybe we can send Remlinger to NY as well.

    seems all our castoffs go to NY and suck as well.

    Maybe we should send schilling or foulke? Kidding.

  3. Damn, Ramiro Mendoza pitching for the Yanks right now. He relieved Alan Embree. And Bellhorn is a Yank also. That's 3 of the 25. [Plus Olerud's on the Sox.]

    Hey! He just gave up a double (scoring Embree's runner)! And a HR! Nice work, Agents Embree and Mendoza.

  4. Whoops. X beat me to it.

  5. However, it would not appear that Olerud is a double agent. 2 HR, 5 RBI so far.

  6. Also, I believe AA playoffs are coming up, so we won't see Anibal Sanchez. Beyond that, I doubt they'll mess with much... September callups are fun when you're not in a playoff race, but I wouldn't want untested guys getting too much time in a hunt.