Saturday, September 10, 2005

Prediction Nailed

Tough loss last night. Blow out in progress. tomorrow's game is now "just another game."


  1. I really don't want to go deep(or in)to our bullpen, except for Papelbon(maybe hopefully not) into Timlin to finish. peter*

  2. Yup...all we really needed was one. however, with Oakland on deck, it would be nice to leave with 2 of 3 and a 5-game lead.

    We even sort of had a very Francona like lineup yesterday with Kapler in Damon's spot, and Graf leading off...Graf did a great job, though...

    8 innings for Schill...Is he back? At least we know he has the potential to have starts like this...Way different from what we've been getting...What a big lift for the Sox...

    And not the greatest inning for Papelbon, but not too bad, either. No runs, a K...He still looks like he isn't comfortable from the stretch...

  3. Well, we leave the Bronx up 3. With three weeks to play. I'll take it. And I'll be happy that the Unit has not picthed like that all season long.

  4. Yeah, when I was watching Schilling pitch great on Saturday, they show Randy Johnson in the dugout like he was studying...I thought he was going to have a good outing yesterday.

    A real upside to yesterday is that Wake was awesome again. Our starting pitching looks really good heading in to the stretch...We also have a lot of home games still...Combine the two and we should be fine...

  5. Yeah. With 20 games left, if the Sox can go 12-8, the Yanks would have to go 15-5 just to tie. Not likely.