Wednesday, September 28, 2005


For once, the bullpen is incredible -- 1 hit in 6 innings. (Where the hell has DiNardo been all season?!?) Too bad the starting pitching and hitting absolutely sucked, big donkey balls.

Thanks to the D-Rays, Sox are still tied for first in the Wild Card, with just 4 games left. But it feels hopeless -- I feel the season's over. Even if not, and they get the Wild Card, this team isn't going anywhere.


  1. This really does just feel like a dead and dying club. Too bad... but hopefully we can get younger and better in the offseason.

    We have to win at least 3 of 4 to win the division, and you have to imagine it will take that many for the WC as well, so... 3 or bust.

  2. Well, Cleveland is a young club and maybe the pressure is getting to them...Who knows?

    I will say this...This is no way to get to the playoffs.

    I do think we'll play well against the Yankees and that the White Sox might do us a favor and beat the Indians...Maybe the Indians even lose tonight, who knows?

    I say we take 2 of 3 from the Yankees. I also think that we'll win tonight. That means the one-game playoff thing (unless the Yankees lose tonight as well).

    You know what is weird? The Sox (apparently) have the best record against left-handed starters in the majors...Just when have they beat left-handed starters???

    I do agree. This team is playing uninspired baseball...

    Still...if they make the playoffs, don't you think that the competition isn't much to write home about? The Angels aren't that good. The White Sox have been fairly terrible (last few games excluded), and the Yankees seem to be the best of the bunch, and I still say we match up well against them...

    Here's a question about this weekend series...If we win on Friday (and tie for the division lead again...Wells v Wang), and the Yankees have Randy Johnson going on Saturday, do you think it would be good to piece together a rotation in that game and throw Wake V Mussina on Sunday (which would seem like a lock for the Sox). That would at least force that one-game playoff...I have no idea who would pitch that Saturday game...And I don't think that we really have anyone who could...Looks like we are locked in to the current rotation.

  3. Wow. New rule: no more Wookiees. The Curse of the Chewbino.