Sunday, September 25, 2005

Eight-game season

This is what it comes down to -- 8 games in 8 days. All that matters is who wins more in that time. Never have I done more intense scoreboard-watching as I'm doing right now.

Wow, as I'm writing this, the Sox score 5 runs, all with 2 outs. Of course, Yanks up by 1. C'mon, Blue Jays -- Wang needs a beating.


  1. Wang needs a beating. Classic.

    A nice 5 run lead. Hopefully Wells is just challenging hitters because he has that lead. I want to be wrong about him not being 100%. I have a feeling we will be seeing DiNardo in this game.

  2. And I'm getting tired of Wells yapping with umps.

  3. Oh man, the game's hardly begun -- Wells looks pretty awful. Is he still hurt?

    Meanwhile, the Yanks game -- Koskie and Hinske break up Wang's no hit bid in the 5th. 2-1 BJ's.

  4. Lots of talk about Wang needing a beating and now we have a BJ reference. Yikes. Separation anxiety?

    As for Wells, a cortisone shot on Wednesday. Hard to say you heal that quickly. formula for today. Get him through five. Keep scoring runs. Gonzalez/Dinardo for at few innings. sox win something like 11-8.

  5. Don't blame me, blame Brian Cashman. Small Moose Wang Big Unit.

    Speaking of Cashman, what do you think of the job he's done this year? After an embarrassingly bad offseason, in which you or I could've done better, he's made some pretty inspired moves during the season. Without Chacon and Small, Yanks are nowhere.

  6. I'm sure I'm jinxing it now, but Wells seems to have turned it around. The bottom of the 4th was a hell of a half-inning.

  7. F'in Cano.

    I'm sure Torre will be going to Gordon and then MO. Maybe Hillenbrand can do his "fag" friend Theo a favor and take on deep.

    I really think the biggest thing Cashman did was bring up Cano and bench Womack. Small and Chacon were absolutely luck. Actually the more I think it was good that he did not sit still (he really had no choice). He brought in a lot of pitchers (Leiter, Redding, Henn, May) and it just so happened that Small and Chacon caught lightening in a bottle.

    Nice - 9 runs. And yes Wells has settled down.

  8. Agreed about signing every castoff he could find (don't forget Nomo and Embree), but the fact is: it worked, and cost almost nothing. Sox would've seriously benefited from the exact same moves (and would be leading the East by 7 games now).

    You catching Remy's comments about Baltimore? Awesome.

  9. ...and the Yanks put the BJ's away. Oh well.

  10. BJs, wangs, jeez, where is this leading??

  11. To a Sox win, of course. We do what it takes!!

  12. Absolutely it worked, but their rotation was desparate. Our bullpen was the real culprit. The starters, for the most part were all able to take their turns - we had 6 starters going into the season for a reason. I don't think picking up a starter was our real issue.

    The pen was our problem and we took a few chances - Remlinger, the Chads - but it would have been nice to make a deal for someone that really would have panned out. Papelbon is turning out nicely - you can go back on these very boards and see that I was lobbying for the Sox to bring up a few of the kids to see what we have.

  13. In the end Wells had a good game. It's great to see Manny and Ortiz come alive like this.

    How ironic is it that this season has come down to a bullpen by committee?

  14. IBiD -- it's "closer by committee". The words "bullpen by committee" make me all angry.

    Anyway, an extra starter still would've been nice, given Wake's massive struggles when Mirabelli was hurt, and Wells's various issues. As for bullpen help, Small's been phenomenal in long relief; Oogie was traded mid-season also. Just frustrating how few holes were fixed all season. (Then again, the farm's intact, which is nice.)

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