Sunday, September 04, 2005

i Adioth !

Tomorrow (Thunday) I leave for vacation -- two weekth in the thouthern part of Thpain. Tho I won't be pothting on this thite, at all. I do hope to follow the Thox, from the box thcores in the newthpaperth, but it'll be thtrange to be gone for half of Theptember, and not get to watch any gameth.

When I get back, the thit hitth the fan, thince job applicationth are due thtarting the following week -- how'th that for timing? Bathically, I'm hothed. Needlethth to thay, I won't be pothiting much even once I get back. Not until October, anyway -- hopefully the Thox'll thtill be playing then.

Tho, have a great month, everyone. Go Thox.

[One parting thought...lisp-free. Sox are 19-44 when they score fewer than 6 runs. Remember when six runs used to be... you know, a lot? Now when they don't get that many, they win about as much as the Royals. Scary.]


  1. Have fun in Barthelona, thripping the lighth fanthasthic.

  2. 19-44?? Are you joking? Probably not. Buena suerte on your trip. Maybe the Yankees will be mathmatically eliminated by the time you return to our ravaged shores.