Friday, September 09, 2005

Pitching and Focus

Some poor at bats throughout the game last night, and some very good ones. I've never seen so many called strike threes right in the wheelhouse! What were Manny and Ortiz expecting? Oh well, the offense can't be clutch every night. It looked like they weren't too focused for Game 3 against the Angels...

But another solid start...6 2/3, 3 runs, from Clement, although I thought after he plunked Guerrero that he was done. Papelbon was very effective getting the double play, and then the ground out. Then Foulke with a decent inning...Hopefully this all continues...

And now to the weekend series...
Wells vs Small--Now I don't know anything about Aaron Small except that he is 6-0 with the Yankees. I do know something about Wells, and that he is great in big games. Let's face it, if we get Game 1, and extend our lead to 5, that could help me relax...

Schilling vs Chacon--Schilling was electric with the bloody sock and all against the Yankees...He also stunk up the joint against the Yankees in Game 1. Which one will show up? As for will he handle the Sox lineup? He's 4-2 with a 3.08...Damn...

Wakefield vs Johnson--Except for the infamous Boone homer, Wake has been great in the Bronx. We face a much toned down version of Randy Johnson...I wish Wake and Schill swapped starts. Schill vs Johnson...both of their skills compromised...both facing huge lineups...that would be fun...

I have sort of a sinking feeling about this weekend...Of course, going to the Bronx could wake Manny up...I just have to keep telling myself that as long as the Sox don't get swept they will be fine...I just think the Yankees may play with some desperation in this series...Cleveland took over the WC last night, and the Yankees know that if they don't win this division they might not make the playoffs. They are on the outside looking in...The Sox won't make the playoffs either (maybe), but they are in right now and don't have that desperation...

X, you were right when you said that the Yankees would be within striking distance at this point...

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  1. Hey with a 4 game lead we only really NEED to win one. And sweeps are very rare. This year the Sox have swept:

    TB 2 times
    BAL (Once in a 2 game series)

    And been swept by:

    BAL (also in a 2 game series)

    So excluding two game sets, you have sweeps in very series. And And with that we have only been swept once!! Hard to keep the bats down.

    And the Yanks:

    Have swept:

    TOR (2 games)
    BAL (2 games)

    Swept by:


    Again about 10 in 33 or so series. And they have swept some bad teams. Point being - I don't think we have to worry about being swept just as it is unlikely that we will sweep. Although it would be nice for us to win 2 of 3. At this point the calendar is becoming our best friend.