Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Remember That Time...

When the media was all in love with Washington (now in last place) and the Orioles (if the season were two weeks longer they'd probably fall behind the D-Rays...and might anyway...? Good times...

Also, the "Very Special Season" the White Sox were having? Might not be so special after all. Is there anyone who thinks the White Sox are going to the World Series this year?

Anyway, with that said, I am rooting for them over Cleveland...If the Sox go 4-2 the rest of the way, and Cleveland loses 2 then we play Cleveland in a one-game playoff in Fenway...Sorry, and maybe it is laziness that I am not doing the math, but I think it is going to be difficult to catch the White Sox for us...That means we have to root against Cleveland.

Of course, if the O's can get one from the Yankees and we sweep the Jays we are in good shape heading in to this weekend. That's a lot of ifs...


  1. I agree about not being able to catch the White Sox, but it'd be nice for them not to clinch this series, so they have to play the Indians tough this weekend. But yeah, they're the ones we (or the Yanks, or the Angels) would like to see in the playoffs.

    Edgar -- nice job. I've never been a fan of that signing, and never understood why he always seemed to get a free pass whereas Bellhorn (with similar stats, who was so important in 2004) always got shat upon. But I'd love to be proven wrong. He seems to be catching fire at exactly the right time.

  2. The possible outcomes from the CWS-CLE series can be found here.

    2-0 Sox after 1. C'mon Wake.

  3. I am holding my breath... This is going to be a crazy week.

    Go SOX!!!

  4. Ugh, bats are quiet all of a sudden.

  5. C'Mon Papelbon...One walk, one strikeout so far...Big inning...

  6. Great...first and third and here comes Vernon Wells...

  7. Whew. Way to stay focused.

  8. Pooptastic!

    You can hear the collective rub of fingers crossing in Boston.

    Go Schilling! Go! Go! Go Schilling!

  9. That's one...Let's hope Bruce Chen AND Kazmir have great outings tonight...